Jihad Jane

As promised, here is Russ Vaughn’s second offering. He shares the same loathing of this piece of filth as I do….and with far more justification…he was in country. I was just a young Sailor, learning my trade at the end of our support in that far off South East Asian land. That Ms Fonda should have been brought up on charges years ago…says as much for this countries tolerance of fools as it does for our governments lack of intestinal fortitude in prosecuting those who wear the mantel of “traitor”. “Hanoi”, now “Jihad”, Jane will most likely live to see another day free of any legal concerns…..one wonders which circle of hell awaits her when her hour glass empties. I think she should not be sent that far….better she is forced to stay at “Fiddler’s Green”, serving on hands and knees, those who she continues to besmirch to this very day, for all of eternity. But that’s just my take….what do you think?
Oh, and with a name inspired by Col Oliver North’s column, here is Russ’s poem!



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2 responses to “Jihad Jane

  1. RedFalcon

    Damn. That woman is straight up nuts!

  2. See Jane Run (Updated )

    Feeling exceptionally evil today. Of course the subject matter has a habit of doing that to people . So in the what’s good for the goose , is good for the gander way of things . I have a solution.

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