Kate Needs A Hand…

…more correctly, she needs a tooth…a few teeth. Last Monday Kate (of Venomous Kate fame) had a terrible biking accident. The end result was she is now minus a number of her front teeth, and has a couple others needing to be removed and replaced, or repaired as well.
The reason I mention this, is Kate is one of the folks I first started reading a couple of years back, even before starting this blog, she is one of the reasons “Snugg Harbor” is here. And getting the word out to the blogosphere at large, is the least I can do, in a very small way, to say thanks.
This is one of those events in a persons life you don’t expect to happen….and yes she has insurance….the irony of it was, there was going to be other dental work done (and monies from the insurance company, plus the deductible, had already been put in motion for this), and now she has exceeded her allowable coverage for this year.
In short, she needs a hand. You can Go Here, click on the button in the left hand column, and drop a couple of shekels in there. She has never been the sort to beg, but the lady is in need, help her out if ya can.



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5 responses to “Kate Needs A Hand…

  1. 1. thanks for coming to visit me at Rancho Sudiegirl!
    2. I don’t know if I can donate any $ today, but maybe for payday…I’d be happy to send good books to read while she recuperates too. Just let me know!
    P.S. i’d like to link to you…is that OK?

  2. I am not sure (or don’t remember….getting older is a pain) what particular books Kate likes at the moment…I suspect there is some info along those lines on her site. Thank you for offering! And I came by your site via “The Cigar Intel Agency” site, Mike is a good friend, so by all means feel free to link to this bit of fluff *grin*.

  3. Unless the Venomous One has a real sucky insurance policy, the restorative dentistry bill is not paid by her dental insurance, it is paid by her health insurance.
    Now that she has messed up her mouth, even though it’s the mouth that the dentists were going to restore anyway, she should be able to get all the work done out of her health insurance policy, or out of her accident policy, whichever covers the injuries from the bicycle accident.
    But, she’s a lawyer, how come she didn’t know this?

  4. Hey, there are many types o lawyers out there…they specialize as much as the docs. But as far as her insurance and what covers what…Kate has some info regarding that on her site, and I think Kelly at Suburban Blight, and DeDoc have info as well.

  5. Blatant Bleg

    Venomous Kate, a veteran blogger of the old school, and one who has a delightful mix of conservatism, truth and ahem, more base subjects, ahem, has gotten herself injured in a bad bicycle crash in which she apparently ate the handlebars. She needs imme…

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