He’s a year and three months to the day younger then I am. Years ago, when we were barely out of the three cornered pants stage, he was “Gar”. Though there was a difference in age, if you looked at our pictures taken until we were nearing ten years of age, the first thing out of most folks mouths was, “My, they are cute, are they twins.” we looked that much alike at the time.
It was many years later, when talking with mom, I found out how much my little brother idolized me, and in a number of ways sought to emulate me. (Though why he would choose this stumblbum, is still a mystery to me.) That he had joined the choir in high school, and actively pursued joining the Armed Forces after high school, due more to my actions then (according to mom again) anything else.
He ended up finally finding his own *self*. Went to college, got married, got his degree (computer geek), and went out into the world to seek his fame and fortune. I didn’t see as much of him (or the family) as I would have liked being in the Navy kept me either overseas or stationed many states away from him. But we talked from time to time. Discussing sports, politics, life’s ups and downs.
Now, he is in a position to enjoy life…and is doing so. And life as it is want to do, continues on…and in doing so, sent another birthday in my brother’s direction. Today he is 49. Can it be that long ago we played at being Superman, jumping off the stairs of our basement onto piles of newspapers stacked on the floor? Or we wrestled in piles of freshly raked leaves? When did we go our separate ways in how we look at the world and its problems and the solutions needed to address same? Yet, all the while, never forgetting we were brothers and we could discuss things and disagree, but never had to personally “attack” the other (one of the nicer things about being brothers). And how on earth, did time pass so quickly that “Frick & Frack” suddenly grow into the men we are today?
Thank you Gary. For being the kind of brother only a fortunate few are lucky enough to have. For having the courage of your convictions to go your own way, but to never forget your family…(what you did for dad and mom was the highest example of a son honoring his mother and father…were I but half the son you are in that regard, I would be a happy man). You wear many hats, father, son, friend, confidant, but I am the luckiest of all…you are my brother.
May you have the happiest of days (I know you are doing your level best to do just that ~Avec le gusto à Paris, vivent votre vie !~) And may you see many more!


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  1. Sounds like a real man and I know that you are proud of him. Happy birthday to him from me.

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