I Remember When…

As the good Mrs Du Toit notes, what was accepted as normal has been forever lost to us. It has been replaced with a post Sept 11, 2001 version of same. At some point in our future this too will be relegated to the trash bin of history. And whether or not evil brought about this change, or just the passage of time did the deed ($2.20 a gal for gas??? Why I remember when it was .22 cents a gal!) I remember spending a dollar to see a Sat matinee and that included the cost of the movie, a drink, and a box of popcorn. Today, if you get out alive for less then 20 dollars, you are doing good. So in one sense *what’s normal* is constantly changing. It’s the sudden unexpected “changes”, rudely thrust upon us, which gives one pause. This brings about a major change to what is considered normal. How we react to this *new* normal, has consequences.
As such (the new normal), the war goes ever onward….but in a broader sense, it is not against *just* terrorism, but a much longer battle, that of good against evil. It sounds trite, but at least on the modern stage (within the last 200-300 years) with the possible exception of the Russians rattling against the ChiComs, there seems to be a consistent light against dark, a push and pull going on. Fran has noted our current woes are a case of those who, if not all in agreement with *the rule of law*, at least stand with the side of life/light vice our adversaries, who follow darkness/death…even in the very nature of their philosophy. Looking at other flavors of extremists, be it animal rights groups, environmental wackos, extreme political activists, would fall on the side of darkness, and you won’t have any argument from me on that. Look deep enough (or not deep at all in most cases) and you will see a group who places value anywhere BUT on individual human life … and so they (collectively) side with darkness, regardless how benign they appear to be.
If you look at it that way, yes, we will be fighting this battle forever. The current foe may (with determination, patience, and lots of luck) fall to the wayside…in defeat or marginalized to the point of becoming meaningless, but there *will be* someone or something else taking its place. (Remember how everyone seemed to think the world was finally going to be able to have a group hug and sing Kumbia after the USSR and it’s satellites fell? Swords into plowshares seemed to be the plan of the day.) Certainly we should hope for the best, and dreaming about a better world, free of strife (at least on a national level), is in itself not a bad thing. The wise man, however, prepares for the worst. In this case it happened that a recognizable and easily identifiable menace (the Reds) was replaced with one not so well defined or contained. The old ways of dealing with such (evil) changed with the changing of the threat. Thankfully our President recognizes this (though it took a bloody wake up call to do so). And I hope we will see this fight to it’s completion, there is no other viable alternative, if we seek to remain a nation and a culture.
For there are those (and they are many) who would ask the following, and answer with a resounding yes. Are we going to allow our government(s) to trade our hard fought freedoms (to a greater or lesser extent) for a greater sense of security? Are we going to fall into the tar pit of appeasement, having the arrogance to believe our adversaries follow the same basic philosophy(ies) that we embrace? Are we to attack this a purely a legal issue…let’s catch all the offenders and place them on trial. Any, or all of the above, either runs the risk of seeing this country progress closer to self destruction, as more power without checks and balances is given to the state at the expense of individual freedom, or we go to far in the other direction, emasculating our nation, to the point of impotency. It then becomes a matter of time before our national identity is stripped away from us, and we either become governed by some group/nation which has a stronger identity of self, we dissolve in to city-states, or into out and out anarchy.


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2 responses to “I Remember When…

  1. The perfect segue to this excellent essay would be one on the role of the warrior in society, perhaps with a goal of why we both need warriors and revile them at the same instant.
    I know that others have written this theme before, but as I see it, EVERYONE who writes must write this theme.
    Its our duty.

  2. Riverdog, I think that will indeed be the subject of the next post.

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