Click For Cathy

Chris Muir, cartoonist extraordinaire, is being the kind of brother everyone should be lucky enough to have. His sister Cathy, is battling against cancer. One of the tools in her arsenal is American Cancer Ablation Center. Chris wants to give this most noble group of doctors and their platform, as much exposure as possible, thus bringing them more recognition. To this end, Chris is having a ten day “Click-A-Thon”. You can also read today’s cartoon, on the left column, or click on the button directly underneath same. That button will stay there, as a reminder to support those who seek to rid cancer from the list of human maladies. So give it a click, it doesn’t cost a thing, and may make a difference in the good doctors receiving the visibility they so richly deserve.
UPDATE 2 Chris has had a rousing success with his “Clik-A-Thon!” And has drawn it to a close (see today’s cartoon!) So the image below is gone. But for those who would like to keep the American Cancer Ablation Center link on their site there are, in the original links place, two “buttons” you can take and use if you so desire. And this post will now move down as others are added.
UPDATE This will stay up for the next week or so for the length of Chris’s Clik-A-Thon.


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