Bread and Circuses

The war, supreme court nominations, immigration, government spending/deficit, you bring up any of these topics (and other hot button issues) and you will get the same replies from the political hacks/pundits/”elected officials/leaders” inside the DC beltway.
In the few months this bit of fluff on the net was *off the air* so to speak, it seems nothing has really changed. Indeed, if anything each side has become more entrenched in their respective talking points / positions, then ever before. While the folks who genuinely seek make positive changes in what the government is allowed to do as a national entity, or to the population at large, grow increasingly frustrated. They see the Democrats as leaning more and more towards unabashed statist/socialist/we damn well know what is best for you (and the world)….just drink the kool-aide damnit! And the Republicans as caring only for keeping their seats….giving lip service to their original platform of small government…protecting the constitutional guarantees of the people…and seeing the unfettered HONEST expansion of capitalism/business.
In other words the Dems are morally bankrupt. The GOP is fast becoming fiscally corrupt…in bed with the almighty dollar….vice the vapid bimbo occupying the Dems berthing. They appear to be all of the same character (or lack there of) much like the lady referenced in the old George Bernard Shaw line…”Madam, we have already established what you are…we are now just dickering on price.”
So, realistically, who should we expect to see in the oval office come ’08? And in this off election year, who can we do our best to support as various seats come up for grabs.
What can or should “We The People ™ ” do to turn around the bread and circuses presented on a daily three ringed basis, from inside the beltway, via the pimps in their mass media outfits?
Frankly I am at a loss. The simple answer would be go to the third party…but there isn’t one in this country viable enough to pose any real threat to the “big two”. The Libertarian Party is based on castles in the air. There is no other political entity on either side of the political spectrum, which would pose a viable threat. Are we doomed to becoming a nation of small splinter groups who with arms twisted behind their backs, form collations in order to get their agenda’s passed?
I am open to suggestions. But the current way of doing business has to change.



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5 responses to “Bread and Circuses

  1. Deb S.

    To escape the current one party system, it’s going to take having things get really, really bad for the average Joe. The problem is not the polititians. They are as they are (crooked, etc.) because we allow them to be so.
    What disaster will have to come to pass that causes John Q. Public to cease being fat, dumb and happy? At what level of discomfort does apathy disappear?
    WE are the root problem.

  2. Guy

    You are correct. We are the ones that put the bastards into office in the first place…and should be the ones to take em out again.
    I will go one step further…you need an educated electorate in order to know why when and how to get them out. And to know whom to replace them with. Sadly, this is becoming a greater obstacle with each generation graduating from the public school system.
    Maybe Orwell wasn’t so much wrong…as he was just off on his timing by about 25-30 years.

  3. Snugg Harbor is back!

    …from a long hiatus. It’s good to see the ‘tween-decks sailor bring his wit and wisdom back to the blogosphere, which sorely needs it. Note this post, in which he concisely analyzes a nagging worry of most conservatives: who to support for 2008. He s…

  4. I am glad to see that you are back. I certainly concur with what you write. For the first time ever I am considering just not voting this fall. I cannot lower myself to vote for the socialist democrats and I am afraid that I would not be able to look myself in the mirrow without puking at what I had done if I vote for the current GOP.
    I may just do a write in vote to show I was there.
    I kind of figure that there are millions of us who feel the same way and don’t know where to turn. But I also figure that if we don’t support the GOP this fall maybe the party will listen to us by the next presidential election. If not, I don’t know unless there is in fact a new party that comes to the forefront that I can support.

  5. RedFalcon

    I share your disgust, old friend. We must continue to exercise our right to vote in the most effective way, however. Things could be much worse, and they very much will be, if we throw away our votes by either casting them at a third party pipe dream or allowing our disgust to stop our mouths and stay our hands at the ballot box. The left is depending on us to falter, let’s not mollify them.
    I don’t know the solution to our present problems, but trading a pick-pocket for a home invader is not the answer. I can only suggest installing the candidates who most agree idealogically with us and use concerted pettitioning to let them know what their constituents expect.

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