Future Tense…A Blog Story

The following is from a blog, a web log, of an American male, during what has come to be called the fourth world war (WWIV). The third, now generally considered to be the unofficial, world wide battle between nation states considered “Communist”, and those who were not.
As more can be reconstructed it will be presented here, as it is understood to be a faithful representation of what life was like during this period of time in America.
[the editors: “The World Virtual Encyclopedia” 2105 edition]
March 4, 2007
Although I have been blogging for sometime…it has been mostly rants and raves…and the usual bs. So this is going to be more focused, and if I piss off a few people, then that’s just the way it has to be I guess.
As you may have read in the “about me” link, Dad went back in the Navy almost before he was recalled. He e-mails whenever he gets a free minute, or the chance to do so. Mom works in town and also helps at the local American Legion with fund drives and support the troops efforts. I am still in school but expect to enlist when I am able….still not sure of which branch….but leaning towards the Marines.
From here on out, this is my journal about the War. The net has been busier then ever since it started. And I thought it would be a good way for me to collect my thoughts and highlight some of the events which were important to me (and perhaps to you as well).
March 6, 2007

“Archie” moved with what outwardly appeared as a relaxed pace through the crowd at the Mall of America. His short hair, clean shaven face, along with the appropriate clothes,
marked him as “a typical college age middle class hip-hop looking kid” to shoppers and more importantly, to mall security. Even with oversized backpack and what should pass as a lap top travel case, as long as he kept his leisurely pace, should allow him to reach his goal, the men’s room directly across from “Helzberg Diamonds”, on the first floor of the
Archie was his nick name, his real first name was Akmed. His college “friends” and fellow classmates, the damned infidels, kept adding an “r” where none existed. They pronounced it Ark-med. This, over more then a few drinking sprees, (It was most important he fit in, he was lectured again and again, by his mentors.) morphed into Arkie. Then someone decided Arkie must be short for Archie. He played along…if the fools wanted to think him easy going…and wanting to seemingly become “more Americanized” or even a bit of a fool, so much the better.
Akmed kept the charade up….along with always being seen with the over sized backpack and what appeared to be obligatory lap top case. He was majoring in computer science at the University (on a student visa) so the lap top was easy enough to justify. The oversized backpack was seen as just another idiosyncratic geek trade mark and accepted as such.
Akmed Abdul Mohammed made a quick scan of the restroom, and headed to the end stall closest to the wall. There was a large grill covering a vent, conveniently at almost floor level, on the wall. He entered, placed his backpack directly in front of him, and sat down on the toilet. Even in this position he was able to unscrew the cover on the vent, insuring he was alone, opened and entered the area just inside the opening.
The backpack was heavy….about the same size and weight as the one already inside the shaft he dropped off the day before. He knew no one would look….no one cared what one kid carried into the bathroom…as long as he wasn’t scruffy looking, rude, or what the American idiots thought a “terrorist” looked like….he stood every chance of success.
His established routine, attitude, and time, as his mentors had assured him, paid off.
Akmed was a bomber. Oh not your typical uneducated zealot recruited almost daily to see their life spent in a burst of blood, guts, and shrapnel, in some meeting place of westerners in Arab lands. He was different. Akmed, with a degree in physics, trained in skills needed to assemble electronic devices of all sort, was not going to see his life on this earth cut short. But he would, Allah willing, see death come to the heartland of America. And in this largest of all Malls, the Mall of America, see hundreds perhaps thousands, die as the end result of his combining the contents of his two backpacks and the interface in his laptop case. No Akmed was not just a bomber…he was positively nuclear.
It took something less then an hour to get all the equipment in place and the timer set, then exit the washroom after securing the grate on the wall. The only thing left to do was make a very special “one time only” call on a cell phone given him for just this purpose. He dialed, left a message, then hung up, discarding the phone in route back to his apartment. Akmed smiled, the message short but clear enough for his bosses to understand; “Boom”.
[reprinted from “The Atomic Bomber- A Study of Akemd “Archie” Abdul Mohammed” Harcourt Press. 2007]

You all know what happened half an hour later. The whole world knew soon enough Oh, there was no comment from France or Germany, the Iranian missiles kept them busy enough. England stood tall, as she did during the Iraq war, with America. Amazingly Israel wasn’t hit. Perhaps, they would wait for word from (what was thought to be) their US masters. Or possibly Israel was to be a bargaining chip when the Iranian Mullah’s sued for a middle east restructuring more to their liking.
This, as you know, didn’t happen. There is no longer a Muslim government in Iran, nor nuclear capability. Israel didn’t wait for the US to act. She struck hard, fast, and highly radioactively.
You know what happened here in the States. What follows are the highlights in bullet form.
*After the Mall was all but a mass of radioactive destruction. The President addressed the public. He declared Martial Law across the country. Called up every man and women in reserve and inactive reserve, even a number of recent retirees. He recalled both Congress and the Senate…we were to have a formal declaration of war…and in a strong firm voice stated; “I don’t give a good God Damn whether there is a specific country involved or not, you will officially declare this nation to be a war, or I will personally see ya’ll charged with treason.” Yes he did swear on national TV. His speech was NOT followed by a rebuttal from the opposing party.
*The Vice President, died from a massive heart attack. It was thought the country having been dealt the blow it did, proved to be too much for him. The President, with the approval of Congress, brought on board, not his Secretary of State, (as was highly bandied about as his “most logical choice”) he selected a former Senator from the South, who was thought to have been retired from politics. He accepted.
* All foreign nationals in this country were checked and double checked. All student visas held by those belonging to any middle east country (except Israel) were marked null and void. They were allowed to gather their stuff and were escorted to waiting CIVILIAN Aircraft which where directed to send them back to their respective countries of origin.
*All foreign nationals who were in the process of gaining American citizenship where screened….a number of sleeper agents were found…they were sent back in boxes. The rest were allowed to stay and complete their citizenship, in what would turn out to be a much better response then the internment camps constructed during the last World War. It should also be noted, like the Japanese during the last World War, those of Arab extraction, and or the Islamic faith, who were allowed to stay, enlisted in the military at a very high rate. Units with a large percentage of these groups found them to be some of the most highly decorated and staunchest fighters.
*All illegal aliens from ANY country were escorted one hundred miles south of the border. As they crossed into Mexico, it could be clearly seen the border was in the process of change. Where possible there was a wall being built. Failing that, an electric fence….and armed patrols. UAV’s patrolled from the sky. If there was any complaint from Mexico it was never officially made public or leaked to the media.
*Canada was also exporting their illegals and others of dubious origin. She was very public in her working willingly with the administration…to eradicate the potential threat which may exist in our countries.
*England, not having been hit by Iran’s brief flexing of it’s short lived nuclear muscle, quickly expelled all persons holding visas or work permits who were of middle east extraction. As she had during the Iraq war…England once again stood tall with the US, making it quite clear she was ready and willing to strike with all her military had to bare. The Lion roared, and the rest of what remained of Europe, those who had sought appeasement with the radicals and bullies of the middle east, bowed their heads in shame.
*Those holding political power or position in the opposition party along with numerous members of the party in charge, who had been so vocal against the war on terror and the fighting in Iraq, were strangely quiet. This was not to last, as any political type can’t go long without out gassing. In a few weeks they started to speak out in support of the “Real War” we were now engaged in. The public, for once, was not so easily taken in by this false patriotic fervor. The ones who were forthright in their dealings with there fellows across the political aisle, and their constituents at home, were able to hold on to their office come the next election. But looking at a map of the country showed only a handful of “blue states”. Yes, this applied to a number of “red states” as well.
* The biggest change in politics, saw the emergence of Neo-libertarians as a viable political voice (they became “grey states”). Many Senate and Congressional seats formerly occupied by Democrat or Republican was now home to a NeoLib. The political landscape was beginning to change.
*The country did indeed go on a war footing. There was rationing, which many grandparents and great grandparents would remember from the last World War. What was more amazing, after a very short bit of complaining, it was accepted across the board. Many (as had their grandparents and great grandparents before them) considered it a source of pride, that one was seen to be “doing their part” for the duration. Gas, auto parts, computers, most digital big ticket items, were available on a limited basis or not at all. Travel by air, was restricted to a “need to go” priority system.
*The national recall of all service and former service members went better and much quicker then expected. The media tried to make big news out of older Sailors, Marines, Solders, and Airmen being brought back into service. They expected any number of them to be less then happy about having to be back in uniform. Many a reporter was at a loss for words when the response given was…”I wish they had called me back sooner…better I go to the fight then having to send my son or daughter.” That was the most polite of responses. And though many did end up on ships and aircraft brought back out of “mouth balls”, many more took stateside openings as those service members went to man other ships, aircraft, and fill out commands which were only marginally manned (but looked much better “on paper”).
The enemy is NOT stupid…or in many cases, not easily routed out. There have been and will continue to be lives lost. My Dad says it’s about time the American public grew up and realized freedom isn’t cheap. That the enemy may be cowardly in their actions but are no less dedicated in reaching their goals then we are. If we don’t fight to win we will eventually lose everything we hold dear. All our freedoms…everything. (But my Dad is another story, for another time.) He also says it is going to take time to win. And win we must. Or our civilization, as we know it, will cease to exist.
[END of this reconstruction. To be continued as more is released to our archives.



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6 responses to “Future Tense…A Blog Story

  1. I like it and am waiting for more.

  2. Future Tense

    Guy over at Snugg Harbor tries his hand at fiction, and presents an entirely too-believable account of events to come in 2007. A great read, and given the times we live in, a scary eye-opener….

  3. M

    Looking forward to more of this myself. Guy seems to have a touch of Tom Clancy or Larry Bonds tucked away inside himself. Great effort!

  4. Thank you both for the complaments. Guy, your blog has been added to the roll, it’s humor, wit, and observations on life, are a fine addition. Welcome Aboard!
    I will be adding more to this story as the muse srikes and time permits….so stay tuned.

  5. Glad to see you’re back at it. You were missed.

  6. It’s nice to see you back to writing. Clancy-smancy…your writing sounded a lot like Henry Turtledove. I loved it and can’t await the next showing.
    Miss you! Keep strong!

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