Future Tense…The Beginnings

We have been able to reconstruct more information from the blog “Future Tense”. What is significant here, was information found about the author, and what appears to be his next entry. It should be noted the “About Me” information was typically found as a separate entry/area of any given blog, and not within what would be considered the body of same. We may also be posting entries out of sequence depending on our ability to reconstruct them. This is why we will include the date of each post whenever possible.
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About Me
Name: Nick (Nicholas) Zachary Wilson
Location Somewhere in Maryland
Occupation Student
Interests Football, Baseball, High School Wrestling, Computers, Science Fiction, OTR(thanks Great Granddad!), Eighty-Eight string guitars, Girls, Guns, US History.
Bio Yes, my first name is Nicholas…but I answer to Nick. My middle name is in honor of my great grandfather, who is responsible for my (growing) interest in US History-especially the US Constitution. Great Grandfather was a history professor after he came back from World War II. And believe it or not he is still alive and kicking at the age of 85.
My dad is an officer in the Navy…so I guess that makes me a Navy brat ™ . We live in southern Maryland, while dad is out on deployment. So yes, the war is very important and personal to me.
Mom is pretty cool….she is a writer, and has a regular column in the local paper….but really wants to write the “Great American Novel”. I have no brothers or sisters…..and kind of like it that way. When ever we transfer to another command, I always get my own room…and seem to make friends easily enough…so there is always someone to bum around with.
I have no real steady girlfriend….they take up too much time and effort and MONEY. Though I guess my best friend just happens to be a girl. Her name is Cathy, and we met years ago at dads second duty station (she’s a Navy Brat ™ too). We have kept in touch via e-mail and letters over the years, and when dad got orders out here, she found out her dad was going to be stationed on the same base. Cath is a computer geek (she says goddess), where I just want to get on and play games or use various programs…she is into all the nuts and bolts, especially when it comes to software.
I am on the Varsity Wrestling squad. It’s a pain to make weight sometimes, but I like the workouts….and it is a great way to blow off steam. The High School out here is ok. Most of the local kids get along with us Navy types even more so since the war “got real” (as the liberals always seem to say….like it wasn’t before??).
When I have the time I like to read science fiction. Grandpa Ed (dad’s dad), got me started on Ray Bradbury, and the Heinlein “juveniles”. I guess the bug bit hard ’cause I have been reading all the Heinlein books I can find, along with Asimov, Clark, Weber (Honor Harrington rocks!), and Turtledove. Lately I have started on WEB Griffith’s Army and Marine Corps series….it seems dad, grandpa, and great granddad all swear by them. And now I am hooked too.
My politics are (as great granddad would say) a work in progress….which is one of the reasons I am starting this blog. To try and get my thoughts straight. Sometimes getting things on “paper” helps clarify things. For right now you could say i believe in the Constitution as it was written…and the more I read about it (especially from the Federalist Papers) the more I believe this to be true. Guess great granddad IS right after all.
This is all I have for my “bio” right now. There will probably be more in future blog entries.
March 8
I have been “talking” with my dad via e-mail. He is currently on board the re-commissioned USS Missouri, stationed on or about the Persian Gulf region. He is in charge of a UAV detachment assigned to the ship. What exactly they do/observe is to the best of my knowledge, classified. As the President says, there’s a war on….like were not fully aware of this just before last Christmas.
(Actually, many Americans did not act as if they were…at least before December 21st, what many are calling “Black Thursday”, the day Minnesota was nuked.)
Dad says to “go ahead and blog”, but remember I am putting myself on the line , and there are still a number of people out there who will want to make negative comments, argue, or generally make an ass of themselves, in my home on the net.
I say screw em! If they don’t like what I am saying they can piss off. I am not writing so much for them, as I am for myself…and for trying to put down on here what is going on in my life, my (local) world, and my country, as I see it.
Comments have been left open, and I welcome those who wish to intelligently discuss or add to the conversation.
Anyhow, that’s the way it is gonna be here. If I think you are making a fool of yourself in MY COMMENTS, you will be deleted, try it a second time, you will be banned. As dad would say….”That is all. Now turn to and carry out the Plan of the Day!”



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2 responses to “Future Tense…The Beginnings

  1. Future Tense

    Guy over at Snugg Harbor has posted a new installment on his serial fiction work, “Future Tense”. Check it out!…

  2. I have to apologize that I haven’t commented in a while. Life happens and I have been very busy. I will get your link fixed on my site ASAP. I am trying to get the readership at my site back up. I also have a story that is, at the very least worthy of mention on your great blog. Air Force Security Forces loses two more great heroes. Thanks
    SlagleRock Out!

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