WaPo Weasels

Russ Vaughn’s writings are always welcome here. When the recent publishing of an editorial cartoon in the Washington Post, prompted all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to submit an official response, you know Russ would not be silent on this issue.
Normally, he sends his verse …and lets it do his “talking” for him. This time, owing to the passions raging within, there was a brief line or two of commentary before his offering.

This may be too strong for some tastes. My usual forum, the American Thinker turned it down because of the implied violence. I had actually gone to bed after a fine dinner at an Italian restaurant looking forward to sweet dreams; but the anger at Toles and WaPo had been simmering all day. So much to my wife’s dismay, I got up and started hammering the old keyboard. This is the result. Use your own judgment in deciding whether to post it or pass it on.

No, my friend, it won’t get passed on here. And even though I am a retired Navy Vet, who has never had a shot fired against him in anger, I fully agree, be it a political cartoon or not, the medium Toles used to produce his message went beyond the pale. He is welcome to argue the validity of the message all he wants…there is freedom of speech/thought in this country after all. But to so flippantly denigrate those who gave so much, so he and others would continue to HAVE the right to speak and draw…..shows just how much those who seek to protect your rights, and have sacrificed, are really regarded (by the folks on the left)

I remember being jeered an spit upon in San Fransisco International back in the mid 70’s (the war was long over…but the trash remained). It would seem today this trend still continues from those left of center. Only this time, they spit from their pens.
Your work is always welcome here Russ….and this one is no exception to that.
It’s been done up in “black and white” because frankly there are only two sides…you either honor those who are willing to answer the call or you do not…it’s as simple as that. To use their discomfort and pain for political punditry/point of view/more votes at the ballot box (and that last goes for both sides of aisle, btw) is the height of moral cowardice.



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5 responses to “WaPo Weasels

  1. Guy —
    Is it possible we were on the same trajectory of time back in the good ole days? It amazed me when I got off the jet plane after finishing my fourth (!) tour in country, just glad to get back to the world… shit, I was so short you could slip be under the door. The world of women and Harleys and hopefully school and all that good stuff. But they routed us through a maze of fenced off corridors lined by outside street trash there in San Francisco calling us murderers and spitting on us while we ran a gauntlet to the busses home. I got the same treatment when I finally got home. Even had to fight my way out of the Fleet Reserve there in Sanford… the one place where I figured I could get a beer and a comfortable place to sit without having to defend myself from the cowards who chose not to serve. Did I find any support? Nope. I was one of the guys who had “lost” the war in VN. Even after all these years I refuse to join any of those phony VFW outfits. Scroom. They didn’t stand up with me then, I damned sure don’t figure on it now. Now the Fleet is dying slowly here in Sanford and the VFW is just a club of really ooolllddd guys. Old timers sitting around with pee stains on their pants talking about the good old days when they were young in the Pacific or the Weimar or some other damned shithole.
    Somebody mention the height of moral cowardice?

  2. Great post! I’m going to link back to it as soon as I can get back on blogger (then I’m going to drop blogger!).
    My husband (also a Vietnam Vet) suggested going to the Vietnam War Memorial to get a clue.
    But these people don’t want a clue.
    I can’t agree with you more. To use our Soldiers for political agendas is irresponsible and the height of cowardice. Toles will be glad for these ‘rough men’ when his hiney is threatened.
    It doesn’t take much courage to draw a cartoon like that in the USA critizing the USA. Now if he had the nerve to do a cartoon about Muhammad and stand up to the millions of Muslims threatening him – then I’d think he might have a little bit of guts.

  3. I just noticed Bob’s last name – we might be kin … 🙂

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