Civil Discourse and Frothing Dogs

The good Baron Du Toit makes a heartfelt plea for the return of civility/manners in how folks deal with each other. He is correct in assuming if he gores a Christian ox, Moonbat donkey, or EU surrender monkey, the worst he can expect is a falling off of hits for his spot on the web along with a few spirited emails/comments. However, mess with Islam….and whoo boy, it’s time to watch out for IEDs and checking to see how high up you are on some Imam’s hit list.
Kim, you are right to long for the return of polite civil discourse. This should be true when dealing with either an individual or group who subscribes to our western ideals. They should at least be expected to pay lip service to civility or acceptable discourse when doing the point counter point thing.
Whether someone seeks to follow the “faith” of Islam (or “Bob The Builder” © , or nothing at all) as long as they do not seek to control my life or pose a direct threat to me or my family (and I refer to acts or potential acts of violence…as being “a threat”) then there is no problem. If they choose to draw and find a way to print defamatory cartoons about my particular *ox*, that is also their right (in this country, and most westernized countries) to do so. I may not like it….I may choose to break off any relations I have had with them…but they needn’t fear for their life…or property.
And there may be lines within the Koran which call for polite discourse or even acknowledgement of an opposing view and maybe even respect toward the one you are at odds with. But it’s a moot point. The followers, more importantly (with few exceptions) the leaders, of this belief/culture/philosophy repeatedly chose not to follow those guidelines if they exist at all.
Be polite, tolerant of other’s point of view/religion/lifestyle? Be civil to same? Yes, that would be and should be a cornerstone of our civilized society. In the West, you should be able to, reach for your dreams, speak your mind, and worship as you see fit… even draw cartoons…without fearing of a knock at the door and a bullet or blade dispatching you to the deity of your choice (or none, if that is your take). The Islamic state would not grant those choices to you. Though the more forward thinking of them *might* offer you a choice between bullet or blade after spending some time in prison.
And that is why this is not (just) a religious war. And why we all have a dog in this fight. Let’s take the dog analogy a bit further. All religions, or philosophy(s), or those professing to fall into those categories, have a particular breed/pack of dogs. Well, Allah’s pack of dogs had a pup or two which were frothing at the mouth, and have been allowed by chance (the current politically correct view), or design (read the Koran) to infect the whole pack. They are now running free and, if not at this very moment, soon will be, a threat to your family and way of life. That group of dogs has barked loud and long, howling far into the night as to what, if given half a chance, it is going to do. These frothing dogs don’t care if you are Catholic (like Fran), of some variety of unspecified belief (like Og and myself), or a canine who cares for no dogma what-so-ever (Kim). All this pack sees are legs to chew on and butts to bite. It wants to mark the whole world as it’s territory.
This is a situation where politeness, tolerance, and civility cease to be options. A time when other codes of conduct come to the fore. (The Geneva Convention comes to mind.) We are at war with that which seeks to utterly remove our culture, our way of government from the face of the earth. They seek to use any means to reach this objective. That this *collective they* has, as some would subscribe to, usurped the Islamic “faith” to better meet their goals, would be a valid argument, if a significant amount of said “faith” would rise up and denounce the raping of their religion. This hasn’t happened. Which logically must mean those who belong to said “faith”, at least tacitly, approve of what is being done in the name of their “faith”. Or they, because their “faith” is much more then “a religion”, it is their culture, their government, their law, must follow “party lines” at the risk of direct physical harm or death. I think this last part is much closer to the truth.
Yeah, I will be polite to your dog. I will respect your right to own the critter of your choice, or to own not at all. And if your dog is well mannered, there will be no problems. But if your dog shits in my yard, snaps at my family, or attacks my dog, we are going to have words (think civil discourse on one side of the scale, to sanctions on the other end). Then again, if the damn thing is rabid, the time for politeness, tolerance, and civility has past, it’s time to take it out back and put it down.



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2 responses to “Civil Discourse and Frothing Dogs

  1. Yes Sir, well said and very true. This is not a new fight-it is just the continuation of one some 1500 years old between two cultures that clash and one that is civilized to the point of having at least some tolernace and the Islamic culture which has none.
    The answer? I doubt if there really is one short of wiping Islam off the face of the earth and that is not realistic although if the Mullahs keep on there may be some who try to do it.
    There is a long term solution and that is an alternative energy source that will drop the price of oil back to a point where the Arabs and Persians can’t give it away. No money and no arms for war and withing a few years the ARabs will be back in their tents and the Persians will have a new government that is kowtowing to the west asking for help.
    But an alternative energy source will be a while coming and in the meantime we may have some fighting to do.

  2. og

    The thing that makes me nuts is people who make such a big deal out of what ‘moderate muslims” do. “Moderate muslims’ is just another word for “unlit fuses”. I read the Koran on a regular basis. It is a document of hatred, pure and simple.

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