Blame This On Chris …

he started it. So I took the dag nab quiz and wahda ya know … this is what I came up with.
You are SPIKE – You’re just plain cool. There are

a few things that bother you, but you don’t

let anyone else in on it. You approach every

situation with a devil-may-care attitude that

borders on self-destructive. However, you

always seem to come out on top, and look damn

cool while doing it. You go, space cowboy.

What anime gun-toting hooligan are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
What is really interesting here is my better half has the complete set of Cowboy Be Bop (Spikes anime home) on DVD. We both enjoyed it, and not just for the anime, the music used through out the series is above par, with some selections solidly in the “just plain damn good” column.
Now if I can get Deb to look in here she’s gonna get a giggle outta this.


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One response to “Blame This On Chris …

  1. :* sure… get me started on the anime tunes again… lol

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