A Brief Note

I have become increasingly concerned with the lack of a Muslim voice or voices coming forward which would condom the excesses of violence and intolerance professed by others claiming to be of the Islamic faith. If this “religion” is (if the figures are correct) being embraced by approximately 1 billion people around the world, surely a large portion of same would rise up to condemn the actions of their more rabid brethren. Sadly (with few exceptions, Dr Wafa Sultan comes to mind) there are no voices of influence coming to the front lines. And so I wonder. And in wondering, the following post, was born.
The post immediately following this was to be a one shot deal. Upon researching information for said post, it became clear to me it was just the tip of the iceberg. As it stands right now it is just “part one” there will be many more to follow.
I feel I am obligated to make clear I do not advocate any acts of violence be taken against any Muslim or follower of Islam in this country. Unless it is known (or suspected) they are singularly or as a group (actively) pursuing the willful destruction of persons or property in this country, then all bets are off. However you would be well advised in alerting local law enforcement or such federal agencies (FBI, Homeland Security) as applicable. Let them do their jobs.


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