Life Happens No Matter How Hard You Plan

Despite, the forecast of snow for today and tomorrow, Spring is officially here. And along with the renewal of life, the traditional theme of this time of year, there sometimes also comes changes. Right now change seems to be the operative word here at the Harbor.
Due to a family medical emergency, and a (pending) short distance move resulting from same. Posting will be light for the next couple of days or so. But, I am not closing up shop!
There is the continuing saga of *Future Tense* which still needs to be brought to life, the search for “The Mythical Moderate Muslim” ™ will continue on as well. (Though if it goes on beyond a couple more installments, I may have to partner up with Mutual of Omaha-those of you readers out there who are old enough to remember “The Wild Kingdom” will get that reference.) Along with all the above, there some other changes of an audio nature in the very early stages of development, that I will be letting y’all know about if and as it firms up. (It is something I am excited about but as with most everything the devil is in the details-logistics rule over all.).
So, please check back often. This little corner of the net has been my place to vent, rant, and share bits of life with those of you who stop by and drop anchor. I don’t have plans to stop doing so anytime soon!


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