Used to be A Nation of Legal Immigrants

We are a nation of immigrants. My grandparents on both sides of my family came from overseas or at the very least were conceived “over there”. I am a second generation American. I remember cousins visiting from what was then communist held Czechoslovakia on tourist visas. They, more then a little reluctantly, returned to Czechoslovakia at the end of their vacation here.
ALL my relatives came over and entered this country legally. The ones who were able to stay became American citizens. All of them could read, write, and speak (if they chose to) English. All of them had a deep and abiding love for their “mother countries”, but none would have even considered listing anything but American on any paperwork requiring same. There were no hyphenated “extras”.
Are we or are we not the United States of America, a sovereign nation with borders? Or are we to become no better then the Palestinians- a pseudo nation state blessed by the UN, that has no recognised land of their own. (Though that may change as Israel is raped forced to give up THEIR land in the name of international good will or some such bs.)
I am not against anyone wanting to come to this country and do what it takes to become a citizen. That’s how this land was started, and what has to be one of the greatest reasons for her continued success. But if we want to continue to be America and not “The Land of *****-Americans” ™ (fill in the asterisks with the country of your choice) with no national language, or identity to call our own. Then we better stop this illegal immigration train wreck before it snowballs into something much worse.
Oh and one final note, is it just me or does the fact we have as porous a border(s) as we do, along with a very low rate of complete inspection of incoming cargo at our ports, present a golden opportunity for folks out there who are less then friendly with us to come on over and execute an act of terror against us? Naaa that would never happen here! We have the security of this nation well in hand! (The fact we haven’t taken a hit does warrant a big thank you to the hard working folks out there who take their jobs seriously when it comes to our security. But why in heaven’s name don’t we do something to increase our national security? All it takes is one “win” for the enemy to produce an event on par or greater then what took place on Sept 11 2001. Our folks have to be “right” all the time.)



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2 responses to “Used to be A Nation of Legal Immigrants

  1. My father’s parents were legal immigrants. Grandpa Phillip was Russian, from around Kiev, and Grandma Gerda was Polish, from just south of the border in Poland, near Kiev. They were Jewish, and both fled the Tsar’s pogroms, or “final solution”.
    They entered the USA through Houston, TX, and when asked for their names, they gave a Russian name to the Immigration official. The Russian translator was off-duty, but there was one who spoke Yiddish, an unofficial language of European jews. In Yiddish, the official got from my grandpa that he was a tailor, so the official named him Schneider, which is the German word for tailor.
    Giving new names to immigrants wasn’t unusual then. It didn’t seem to bother Granddad, who must have thought that since he was starting over with a new life in a new country with a new wife, why not have a new name to go with the new life, language and customs that he was REQUIRED to learn.
    The synagog help them study, and they were naturalized 5 years later. One of their children, my late uncle Leo, later married Rabbi Fain’s (the founding rabbi in Portland) daughter.

  2. Many of us have seen this problem coming for several years. But when we spoke out against illegal immigration we were and still are called racist or bigots. I am all for legal immigration. We are a nation of ethnic hybrids and I think we are stronger for it. But illegal immigrants whose loyalties are still to their home country should be rounded up and sent back to where they came from–it may be a “Trail Of Tears” but it would be a lot more justified than the first one.

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