Spring is here…

The grass has ris
I wonder where
The flowers is.
(author unknown)
Spring training is all but over. Here in the hinterlands of northern Illinois (flyover country R us), we have a week of near 50 degree weather to look forward to. And the air has that “scent of spring”, a musky hint of thawing ground and things arising from a deep winter slumber.
And time for some spring cleaning here at the Harbor. No major changes just a cleaning up of the blogrolls, perhaps an updated look for the archives. stuff like that. Expect major posting to be when ever I get the chance, as we are still having to deal with real life (more on that as the dust sets).
And speaking of someone who might need a hand. Any of you good people out there who are well versed in the ways of Word Press … Mike over at The Cigar Intelligence Agency could really use a hand right about now. He has just changed his site over from MT to Word Press due to some security issues. He is a good guy and his site provides not only the best in cigar reviews (along with adult beverage suggestions), but he has been known provide some great conservative commentary as well.
So if you are a Word Press guru and have some time drop him a line. And even if you’re not, check out the “CIA”, you won’t be sorry.


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