Points To Ponder

1. What is so hard to understand about legal and illegal … especially when its placed in front of immigrant?
2. If your particular “religion” believes there is no Deity, that man’s conscious state of being is the beginning and end of it all, isn’t your constant push to have your line of thought imposed upon all in any public, government, or educational venue just as much a violation of the “separation clause” of the first amendment as any other faith? And perhaps this whole question would be avoided if said clause was taken in proper context. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Sounds to me like this addresses “Freedom OF vice FROM religion”
3. And as much as I have fantasised (when I was a teenager) about at least a couple of my teachers in junior high and high school. The bottom line is you don’t have relations with a MINOR child regardless of the gender of said student or teacher. What is so hard for the folks who hand out the sentences in these cases to understand about that?
4. Along the same lines … what’s so hard with the (though not limited to) Catholic Church in turning over suspected child abusing clergy (and or lay teachers/faculty) to the proper authority(s) as soon as this activity is brought to light? You do nothing toward improving the image of those who lead the faithful in the eyes of the public at large. And for those out there who fail to distinguish between the core teachings and precepts that *is* the Church and the failings/shortcomings/blemishes of the people who (if guilty) should be removed from positions of any sort of authority in the ministering of same … there is a difference.
5. Why is it so hard for the civilized world to understand if Iran develops on it’s own, or is given nuclear capabilities, they will use it. Or give it to others to do so. Or both. And it will be against the civilized world (western civilization in particular). Appeasement didn’t work when dealing with Hitler and his ilk, what makes you think it’s gonna work this time ’round?
6. With so much craziness going on in the country and around the world. Have you taken time to appreciate natures rebirth? Spring is here, stop an smell the roses. On a side note, when was the last time ya gave your loved one(s) a hug, or kiss, and said I Love You? Often times the most commonplace of miracles, and random acts of kindness are the most important of all.
Have a good day all.


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