Real Life Happens

As my first mate mentioned on her site, this has been a busy month. And none of it is really good news.
Due to major family illness we are in the process of moving from our current residence to be with my in-laws. They are great people, (that would be the silver lining in all this) being there to help out with the house and all that is involved with it’s upkeep, along with being there for my mother-in-law as she continues her recovery, is what family is for.
Won’t bore you with all of life’s other ups and downs. Everyone has them, and we are no exception.
Suffice to say, the Harbor is NOT going away. I will be back as soon as the dust settles. Though with lots more things on the honey-do list, I expect posting time to be hap hazard until a rhythm is established.



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3 responses to “Real Life Happens

  1. Jim

    The only thing more sure than the terror of a storm at sea……….
    ……is the knowledge that calm waters and smooth sailing lie on the other side of the squall.
    A toast to you and your mate; To calm seas, and your steady hand at the helm.
    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  2. Hang in there Guy. Like the fellow once said — that which does not kill you will… well, you know.

  3. Keeping you and yours in our thoughts and prayers.
    Take care and hope to see you soon.

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