Bloody But Unbowed

Sometimes things take a tad longer then originally planned. What was supposed to be no more then a month or so away from blogging and things puter-ish in general, turned out to last over a year.
Now it is almost mid July of ’07 and once again I can be found banging on the keyboard wondering what is happening to this country of mine. Or if an ol’ left handed Squid can master the art of “The Perfect BBQ/Smoked Ribs” ™ .
For those who are interested, my better half Deb, and I still reside in the hinterland of Northern Illinois. After a two and one half years of no job, I have been working for almost that past year now and that is a good thing. Quiets the nerves.
So, what will be going on here? Mostly the same things as before. Expect to see commentary on:
The WOT- Being retired from the Navy, I have a strong bond towards those who freely elect to join any of the armed services, knowing they may be placing themselves in harms way. And the more sources either reporting from “the sandbox” or repeating/linking to stories/articles from the frontlines of the world, the better counter we will have in getting the truth out.
“The Religion Of Peace” ™ Submission- This will be a major topic until either Islam becomes nothing more then a bad memory, or a major reformation takes place. Though considering Islam is NOT a religion, but something closer to a philosophy … but that is a topic for future posts. In any case, as it stands now, this “thing” called Islam is a malignancy, a cancer to all liberty loving peoples everywhere. It needs to be stomped out. Expect to see more of “Letters to a Mythical Moderate Muslim” at sometime in the near future.
The Media- A recent poll found approximately 90% of reporters/journalists vote Democrat. And there are still folks who wonder why there is bias (recognised or unrecognized) in all flavors of media? I have no problem with a paper or radio/tv station leaning left or right on their editorial/op-ed pages or stated on-air commentary. That is a big part of what the first amendment is all about. But to have “the news” slanted, or miss-reported, or just out and out fabricated, is (or should be) nothing short of irresponsible (at best) and treason (at worst). And for the record, accuracy in reporting seems to bite FOX news in the butt from time to time. You folks are supposed to be professionals, isn’t it time to start acting like it (hint: solid sources are a “good thing” ™ ).
I’m With Fred!!- He isn’t perfect. He isn’t Regan. He IS a straight talker, much closer to original GOP values of small government and a strong defense. He is not a uniter for the sake of uniting alone. He has a temper and will not suffer fools gladly. And until hard facts state other wise appears to be the best hope for the GOP and this country. Run Fred Run!!! (with Mike Huckabee or Condi Rice as vp????)
Liberals/Statists/Progressives/Useful Idiots-Meat for the grinder here! Some are truly insane. Some are young and idealistic (the only forgivable sub group of this bunch). Some are out and out power hungry control freaks who want nothing more then to bring down this great country and turn it into an American Gulag. Thanks to their friends in media (see above), and PT Barnum’s maxim, it seems they get closer to this goal with each passing year.
Politics-What doesn’t get covered by the two above, will get it here. This would include, but is not limited to; “Stupid President Tricks” ™ -Or how can a man who seems to (for the most part) get it right in the WOT, be so far off in his domestic side of the house. “RINOS”-These are in reality, the true bastard children of politics. They are loyal to none but themselves, and as soon as the voting public wakes up and realizes this, the better off we will be. “Celebrity Drive-by Spewings” ™ -Yes, there are some who are truly middle ground or even right leaning in their personal political views. But isn’t it amazing that most of these folks don’t mix their entertainment with their politics? (There are exceptions, Ted Nugent comes to mind … but for the most part on the right, it is the exception to the rule.) The majority of actors/singers/artists are left of center, indeed they are far left if anything. I think most folks would not care what their personal politics are. They would rather be entertained and leave it at that. Sadly, this is not the case. The only plus side is most of our entertainers are nothing more then useful idiots with hardly an original thought of their own in their heads, just talking points for what ever cause/political hack they are supporting.
The Constitution-It is NOT A LIVING DOCUMENT!! I expect to do some posting on each of the amendments constituting the bill of rights. This will be amplified with references to notes/letters/writings of the authors of same. It really is a well thought out and visionary document. Unfortunately, it has been under serious attack since the Civil War (especially in the last 100 years). Many of the “revisionist interpretations” were done with good intentions, but we all know where that road leads don’t we?
The Cubs and Bears-I know when you look up humility in the dictionary the picture next to it is of a Cubs fan, but I have been a loyal follower of the “northsiders” for the past 40 some odd years, and am not going to stop now. As for the Bears, someday we will get a talented QB … probably about the time the Cubs win the World Series. Still, at least if you place the word “fudge” in front of our football teams name, it sounds like a candy. (take THAT Packer fans!)
Odds and Ends-Anything else which strikes my fancy. Or items about home/family/fellow travelers in the blogging world.
And that about covers it.
For those out there who have been faithful readers in the past, if I haven’t said so before, thank you! I hope you come back to see what foolishness I start to post here again. For all (any??) new readers, welcome aboard. Make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the ride.



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4 responses to “Bloody But Unbowed

  1. Good to see you posting again

  2. Welcome back, Guy! Saw a comment of yours the other day, and was wondering if you were back…

  3. Jim

    Welcome back, Chief!
    Damn good to see you. I’ve watched as you’ve updated your site design, and have looked forward to what I thought that may portend.
    And I am most certainly not disappointed.
    Well Done, indeed.
    Now if I can just find more free time for productive keyboard time……
    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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