From the hinterlands of Northern Illinois:

Still no budget for the current year. The state legislators are at odds with our Governor. He is a weak kneed, well quaffed Democrat. In fact his spouse seems to be wearing the pants in the family. Might be the Yankee version of John Edwards, with just a tad bit more testicular fortitude. What makes this worthy of at least a smirk is his party has control of the legislating branch of our state as well. Ah, infighting … ya gotta love it.
Slow news day, there doesn’t seem to be much going on. We are truly into the dog daze of summer. Guess it must be time for a little “Good News – Bad News”:

Bad News- With Polosi and Reid leading the Dems on the progressive warpath, one wonders what rights/liberties will they attempt to remove “for our own good/for the children/to make it more fair for all”(pick one or all the above as the cause/crises demands).
Good News-Since this congress has been in session there has been little or no legislation passed of any consequence. It seems the Dems are sticking to what they do best, which is talking and no action.
Bad News-Speaking of talking, Senate Leader Harry Reid’s comment “The war in Iraq is lost” and the U.S. Troop surge is failing to bring peace to the country. Along with all the other Senators and Congresscritters who are voicing similar sentiments (who are aided and abetted by their fellow travelers in the media), paint a bleak port rate of what is going on in that part of the world. More importantly, what they are saying/implying is a flat out lie.
Good News-Want the true skinny on what is going on over in “the sandbox” check out Michael Yon, or this fella for starters. The only way we’re going to keep the pond scum inside the beltway from making this country look like a bunch of “cut and runners”, along with letting the current and future administrations know how the “no longer silent majority” feel, is by staying abreast of current events on the front.
Well, mother nature is trying to decide wither or not to send us another round of thunder storms. The first round made it interesting while trying to finish roasting (what ultimately turned out to be a great tasting) pork loin roast, outside on the grill. And dropped our temps to back in the 70 degree range from a high of 92. While our total rainfall for May was 3 inches or so below normal, June Made up for it with a vengeance. And it appears July is going to either be right on track for this time of year, or perhaps a bit higher. Must be that fictional Global Warming … like I would really com plane if Illinois suddenly became a tropical paradise. Gee, no more shoveling snow? No more ice storms? Have to get used to nothing heavier then a light jacket, and drink cold beer? Yep, that would really hurt … NOT.

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