Al-Qaida; Getting Ready To Rumble Again?

AP is reporting Al-Qaida’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahri, has released a 4 minute video, in which he calls on Pakistanis to join the Jihad against the Pakistan military which has been engaged in routing out terrorists encamped in The Red Masque.

The commandos went in after unsuccessful attempts to get the mosque’s militants to surrender to a weeklong siege mounted by the government following deadly street clashes in Islamabad with armed supporters of the mosque on July 3.
The extremists had been using the mosque as a base to send out radicalized students to enforce their version of Islamic morality, including abducting alleged prostitutes and trying to “re-educate” them at the compound.

Sheesh, those nasty “suspected militants” are at it again! Pakistan has always had a hard row to hoe in trying to maintain a secular government, while still allowing for “The Philosophy of Submission” (Islam being neither a religion in the truest sense, and “Peace” being incorrectly substituted for the proper translation of “Islam”) in their midst. But for their commando forces to openly attack a Mosque, something our own forces have been loath to do in the past (due to pressure from the damnitable politically correct forces in this country and Europe), should be commended.
The end result of taking the war to where the terrorists “really are” …

Pakistani commandos cleared the
warren-like Red Mosque complex of its last die-hard defenders Wednesday and the army said it counted the bodies of 73 suspected militants. … Some 106 people have been killed overall since the violence began. They include 10 soldiers, one police ranger and several civilians who died in the crossfire. The dead included the mosque’s pro-Taliban cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi.

The terrorists are known to hide behind women and children or in crowds. They also have a history of using their own houses of worship as staging areas/supply dumps. About time someone to action on these.
The AP article also notes there has been a marked increase in message traffic from Al-Qaida this year (as compared to last)

It was the second message by al-Zawahri this week, and his 10th this year, said Ben Venzke of the IntelCenter, a U.S.-based intelligence group that monitors terrorism messages.
Venzke said al-Qaida’s media wing, as-Sahab, was now releasing more than two messages a week on average. … “Al-Qaida has apparently made the decision that it’s important for them to respond to current events within a short news cycle,” he said. Venzke pointed out that al-Zawahri was reacting to events at the Red Mosque in Pakistan that were barely a week old.
As-Sahab issued a total of 58 messages for all of 2006. But Wednesday’s release was its 62nd so far for 2007, IntelCenter said

Finally, there is this bit of information. Drudge is reporting via a story released on the AP wires, that Al-Qaida’s manning is back to pre-9/11 levels.

U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded al-Qaida has rebuilt its operating capability to a level not seen since just before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, The Associated Press has learned.
The conclusion suggests that the group that launched the most devastating terror attack on the United States has been able to rebuild despite nearly six years of bombings, war and other tactics aimed at crippling it.
Still, numerous government officials say they know of no specific, credible threat of a new attack.
A counterterrorism official familiar with a five-page summary of the new government threat assessment called it a stark appraisal that will be discussed at the White House on Thursday as part of a broader meeting on an upcoming National Intelligence Estimate.
The official and others spoke on condition of anonymity because the secret report remains classified.(I placed this text in boldface-Harbor Master )

Damnit! The above torques my jaw for two reasons. First, because had we been truly committed to fighting a war and not having our Armed Forces hands tied as to how they should conduct same, this article would never have come about. You cannot fight a kinder and gentler war. War is a messy, dirty, ugly thing. But because there are those elements through out the world who know nothing but the law of the jungle (at best), or are just flat out evil (most likely the case), there is no other solution (assuming you want to survive as a Nation/Peoples/Culture then going to war.
The second thing I touched on here. And directly ties into the last line in the above blockquote. “The official and others spoke on condition of anonymity because the secret report remains classified.” COME ON PEOPLE!!! Leaking non-classified information is one thing … and the way the game is played these days … often done “on purpose” by the very agency/company the information originally came from. But this item was classified. That means it is “a federal crime” to divulge same. All federal employees and those in the military had to (at one time or another) read and sign this form , or something similar. Al-Qaida (or some other virulent strain of the carcinogen Islam) appears to be marshaling its forces, for a resurgence of violence on a major scale(who knows where). We need to clamp down, and clamp down hard on those who feel the public’s need to know is greater then our national interests and or military readiness.
As an aside, my better half agrees with (that) this could be nothing more then a “planned release” of information, or rather mis-information, to the press in order to , in turn, mis-inform the enemy. I would buy this if the info wasn’t classified. But she may be right. In any case, looks to be a long hot summer.


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