The Feeding Frenzy Begins on the Left??

Read this, from AP, and see whatcha think.

Clinton, Edwards talk of limiting debate
Associated Press – July 13, 2007 2:23 AM ET
DETROIT (AP) – Democrats John Edwards and Hillary Rodham Clinton consider themselves among the top presidential candidates.
They were caught by Fox News microphones discussing their desire to limit future joint appearances to exclude some lower rivals after a forum in Detroit Thursday.
Edwards says, “We should try to have a more serious and a smaller group.”
Clinton agrees, saying, “We’ve got to cut the number” and “they’re not serious.” She also says that she thought their campaigns had already tried to limit the debates and say, “We’ve gotta get back to it.”
Others taking part in the forum sponsored by the NAACP were Senators Barack Obama, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel.
One Republican, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, also participated.

On the face of it is it really a big deal? After all politics traditionally has been largely as series of maneuvers in smoke filled rooms behind closed doors. Why should this little bit of conversation be any different. That two of the supposed Deomocrap front runners feel the need to actively try and exclude some of their playmates from the playground shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all the whole progressive/statist experience is about control and knowing what is best for people, shouldn’t that apply to their (internal) politics as well?
So if the Hildabeast and the Breckgirl feel they are the two (or at least, two of) top runners for their party’s shot at the oval office (and a better pairing hardly comes to mind for that side). Why shouldn’t they want to get rid of the political wanna-bes, those pesky bits of regional party lint which clings to the the hem of “Silky Pony’s” skirt, and to the leg of “Her Thighness’s” pantsuit. Matter o’ fact, they do kinda sound like the perfect match up. “Hildabeast/Breck in 08” could be just the ticket. She has the macho posturing and has been co-president before. He has all the more subtle nuanced qualities, which will draw the female vote (and those who love a well quaffed …err man(?))
Ah well, not even to the first primary and it would appear the sharks are circling, about ready to feast on the smaller fish. This is gonna be fun to watch … in a bread and circus, feed em to the lions sorta way.
Oh, and need I say it … Thompson in 08!!
The original link didn’t want to play nice, so I have included the article in the above blockquote. “Ye Ol’ Harbor Master”



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3 responses to “The Feeding Frenzy Begins on the Left??

  1. Azygos

    Well we always knew their heads were so big it was a wonde they could walk through a doorway

  2. And you’ll also note that Hitlery and BreckBoy left out the one black (kinda) candidate (Obama-mama). So much for diversity, I guess.
    Also from looking at the lastest pics of Hillary, it ain’t her HEAD she’s having issues getting through the door.

  3. Harbor Master

    Vulcannder, Yeah the Dems talk a good talk, but when push comes to shove, it’s all about the power and what have you done for me lately.
    Azygos, but they make such a nice couple!!! (couple of what-I don’t want to hazard a guess … but a couple none the less. And face it, Edwards would make a great First Lady … err I mean, Vice President.

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