Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

… “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance” …
Source: Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Inaugural Address

Fear itself … that which causes ones blood to run cold, the sting of bile to rise in the throat, the primal instinct of flight or fight comes to the fore. All human beings experience some form of fear in their lives. Some fortunate few are lucky to have only memories of the monsters under the bed or in the closet, as the only time they can recall tasting fears bitter tincture. The rest of us … well … we have had to deal with worse. Some dealt (or are dealing with) far worse.
Fear can be dealt with and if not outright conquered, at least have it’s root sources identified, and work done to eliminate or marginalize these sources. A reasoning human being will attempt to bring about this kind of change in their lives. These good people are not whom are being addressed in this bit of puditry.
The world is an ocean of peoples, places, countries, cultures. A mixture, of rich and poor, have and have not, pious and profane, good and evil. Most are able to live within what is considered normal standards of acceptable behavior. Or, at the very least, are what is accepted as a non-threatening, eccentric lifestyle. Interaction between these folks, for the most part, will not inspire fear. Indeed, in “a perfect world” ™ , all of humanity would be able to peacefully co-exist. There would be no crime, no rapes, no murder, no war … no reason at all to fear your fellow human beings.
But we live in an imperfect world. Mankind is imperfect. And, as so abily stated here,
by Mr. Bill Whittle, (and a philosophy I hold to as well) people are either sheep, wolves, or sheepdogs. And much like Bill, (and many others) I find the most realistic group for me is, sheepdog. This is not to say I, or many others, do not (or would not) feel fear in any given event. We are human, there may be that feeling in the gut given a life threatening situation … but, how we choose (yes, it is a choice) react to it makes all the difference.
And this is where the real dividing line is in our country. Not, that there isn’t those who profess to be conservative or on the right politically, are immune to fear. Rather they (and there are exceptions but thankfully few) know how to properly REACT to it.
The inverse to this is true for those on the other side of the spectrum as well. (Again, there are exceptions there as well.) They are also not immune to fear. But their reaction(s) are of an entirely different kind:
1. Ignore it, and it will (eventually) go away. The threat “isn’t really there , or applicable to US. Ergo, it doesn’t exist. Or isn’t really important, so we shouldn’t waste our collective time energy or money on it.
2. Try and understand it. Not in the sense of trying to effectively combat same, rather, “in understanding our enemy we can then deal with their aggressiveness, and find a peaceful solution.” This would work assuming your enemy was willing to accept your theory, and your enemy was willing to abide with the “solution” you came up with. Most clear thinking folks have one word which describes this …Appeasement. We also have found throughout history, this doesn’t work for anyone other then the aggressor.
3. Just try and get along. A slight variant of number two. It is equally ineffective. Though the aggressor may go along with this as long as they keep getting what they want. Appeasement again comes to mind along with blackmale/extortion.
4. We don’t feel like our views/ideas/goals are being accepted In other words the causes, believes, ideals considered important are not getting the respect (read value/weight) that the sponsors of same feel they should be gettign. Stated another way; “I am afraid of being/becoming irrelevant, or inconsequential. Or I will be losing any power and or prestige my view(s) may have given me in the past. And I want that power back”
5. It’s not fair. Fear of being left out, marginalized. Akin to number 4 above.
These are just five basic breakdowns of the fear which rules those on the left. There are sub-species, and I know I have failed to list some (chalk it up to the first stages of senility).
What is important to note here are two things. The first is all of the above are feeling/emotionally based responses to fear. They are all flight reactions.
The second is all of the above and their resulting manifestations (Marxism, Socialism, Appeasement, Diversity, Political Correctness … the list goes EVER on and on …) have been resounding failures! And if implemented to any recognizable degree within our society/civilization, will sound the death knoll for same.
And this my friends would be one of my greatest fears. That we allow this to happen. Further more, do we have enough adults left in this country who would have the courage to stand up and be counted on to do what may be needed when (the “if” has long sense passed) the time comes.


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