Earlier this week, while surfing through my blogroll, I came across this post made by “Sailor” at A Sailor In The Desert.
Operaton Stars & Stripes does not have a fancy web page. Nor does it have lots of fancy bells and whistles. Every dime they get goes towards getting “Care Packages” built up and sent out to those who deserve em most … the guys and gals serving in harms way, or those who have directly felt the sting of battle and are recovering from same.
You will note the new button below the “never forget” picture in my side bar, that is a direct link to Operaton Stars & Stripes. To the best of my knowledge they are accepting both cash, and items to be delivered directly to the troops (check out their page on what is acceptable to donate) Again, all monies collected go directly to getting packages together/shipped. This is done as an all volunteer effort (no one is getting paid),
You can email Mrs. Meredith Kelly at :
if you have any questions about Operation Stars & Stripes.
Any donation of money may be sent to:
I know there are a number of groups out there who are doing their best to support our men and women in uniform, in many different (and equally important) ways. This sounds like another fine group, spearheaded by a lady who has her heart in the right place.

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