Tired Of The Progressives? It's Our Fault! .

Was watching a video clip from yesterdays “Youtube Debate” over at the Rott. My first thought was Senator Biden is yet another of the kool-aid drinking, “the State knows what’s best for you”, I’m gonna make this MY err … a perfect world even if I have to ram it down your throat and or (have someone ELSE) take out the whole lot of you, in order to do so, asshats. And that he is. And he is a danger (as are most all other liberal/statist/progressives … but that is a story for the not to distant future) to most, if not all, of our Constitutional guarantees.
But upon a bit of reflection. Mr Biden (he ain’t my Senator … not that the ones I have are any better … and trust me they are not!) is not the only one at fault here. Because a large part of the blame for what we have to put up with in Congress, the Senate, the White House (and by extension, the Supreme Court) is our fault!
When did this country or more correctly, the majority of it’s population, forget or chose to ignore, our responsibilities?
We complain about the erosion of our rights and liberties. Yet we not only continue to elect people who spend an ever greater part of their time in elected office stripping them away. We bemoan the fact with each passing day it seems there is a new attack on our “rights”, yet at the same time we collectively sit in the comfort of our homes, mentally (if nothing else) saying; “Ok, you just crossed the line, and this really torques me off!!” (Or language a tad more salty then that.) But within a day or two (Letters written to the non-listening elitist cadre otherwise known as the Senate/Congress, or phone calls to same being used if we REALLY get riled.) do nothing more then make yet another line in the sand a bit further out then the last. And I don’t single myself out for any exemplary treatment, I am as guilty as the rest.
1. We are too comfortable. We have it pretty damn good (and the left knows it). My generation (the baby boomers) and the one immediately following, have had the highest standard of living of any group of peoples on this earth. This leads to the second point
2. We don’t want to really rock the boat. We (despite the left and the media remarks to the contrary) are all social creatures and we want to co-exist with our fellows as much as possible. And life, despite the occasional spikes, is good. (Or so we are constantly reminded by the media … look how bad the rest of the world is … see how much America wastes compared to them?)
3. We are getting older. Yeah, I know that 50 is the “new 35-40”, would someone tell that to my knees and other joints, they seem to be still on the old time table. Fact is, we might have the wisdom/maturity/experience level which can, to some degree, compensate for the seemingly endless energy and drive of youth. But knowing all that we amassed/built up/saved up for would most likely be gone if we elected to “push the reset button”, is a very sobering thought. We need to remember the founders of this country gave their all to secure the liberties we see eroding before our eyes. Can we, as those who inherited these birthrights do no less?
4. We are Nice Guys – When we should be Adults (part 1)
When times are good in this country, we are more then willing to try and figure out if there is a way to share the wealth with those less fortunate. Especially if we have been in difficult straits ourselves. Again, human nature plays a part. We are a charitable people. And so, over the course of the 60’s, 70’s and some of the 80’s we collectively allowed for vast sums of monies to be used in what was known as “the war on poverty” or “The Great Society”. It was an honorable thing to strive for and based on good intentions (yeah, I know where that road goes). But we were nice guys … when we realized the war on poverty turned into nothing more then the creation of a welfare state/class (Whom the progressives use as yet another group of victims needing to be “protected” … for their own good of course.), we should have stepped in and put a stop to it then and there. We didn’t. Not until the 90’s was any substantive changes put in place to stop the monies going out.
5. We are Nice Guys – When we should be Adults (part 2)
The liberal mantra, often said before, is that we only do things because we are “meanspirited”, “evil”, or just our and out corrupt. When in reality our actions are based not on personal gain, or because our strings are being pulled by some mysterious cabal/military-industrial complex, or religious zealotry, or for you lefty bigots out there- “those evil Zionist joooooows”. Rather we do them because they must be done. This is true on a personal level. In the raising of families. It is true on the local level, in the desire to live in a healthy vibrant community. And is also true at the National level. Wither it is fighting a war, cutting wasteful spending, lowering taxes, or trying to get government out of the home and business. (Sadly, that is what the Republican party used to stand for. It seems to have morphed into something altogether different over the past 8 years. But that is a story for a later date.) As reasoning, thinking, adults knowing this to be true, we do our best to act accordingly, in any given situation, no matter how hard it may be to do so.
Yet, as a political entity (the GOP), or as a philosophical point of view (conservatism/moralistic/some neo-libertarian), we often refuse to face our adversaries directly and call them on points of contention. We accept diversity for diversity’s sake. Forsaking the ideal of accepting an individual as just that… an individual who should be held accountable for their actions (for good or ill) and not based on their gender/race/color/creed. We have allowed for the beginning (or at least the ground work) of the balkanization of America. With the liberals bringing about the constant formation of new classes/types of victims, and the acceptance of allowing every class/race/ethnicity their own hyphen before “American”. “American” should be all you ever need to say when someone asks “Where you from?” period. And English should be the first language spoken (at least in the school or when conducting business with the public at large) when spoken to. Yes there are, and perhaps will always be, “Little Italy’s, “Greektowns”, Chinatowns, ect. And one should not be surprised to hear the native language of those who live there being spoken. Or their culture being proudly on display. This is all part of assimilation in to the melting pot which is America. But at the end of the day English first, Spanish, German, Chinese, Polish or which ever your flavor is, second. But we let this go to the wayside. Out of a misplaced sense of “fairness” perhaps, but that “being a nice guy” attitude seems to be the driving force behind it.
6. We are shrinking in numbers. Those who hold our countries original ideals and form of governance (the Constitution, rule of law, a country composed of Americans – not hyphenated sub groups of various origins), due to the tactics of progressives and their harlots in the main stream media, though still formidable, are shrinking in size. And yes, there will be those in the next generation who will carry the torch, but unless they can out procreate and then instill with in their progeny their same beliefs, they will be an even smaller percentage. As brought up at Personal Effects we may soon be nothing more then the remnants spoken about. “Jobs” don’t come along all that often. Making the task of keeping the spark alive, until such time as humanity is ready to light the torch of liberty and freedom once again, all that much harder.

So … what is it going to be?
Calling attention to the outright lies and misrepresentations put out by the media (print and mass), the progressive mouthpieces, and the politicos, is being done. It should continue at an even louder and longer pace. Perhaps take a more active roll in your local politics .. help someone you feel will actually make a difference get into office. Don’t be afraid to call “bullshit”, especially when it is coming from the folks who claim to represent your political point of view/ideals. (Had we done a better job of this in Illinois, we might still have a real republican party, and not just a shell.) Call the talk shows. If you happen to get on, argue your position with facts, a clear head, and civility. If you have kids in your local school system, take an active interest in what is being taught to them. (We have a very poor mathematics program which is used from K-12. Our kids are “supplemented”, at home, with help in math. Get to know who is on your local school board … if possible try to get on yourself. If nothing else it will make the progressive machine have to work much harder in order to get their socialist agenda(s) implemented in the schools.
Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. This to me would seem to be the most prudent choice. The fact is our society is becoming increasingly polarized with each passing day. Allowing the progressives to continue their tactics of incramentalism, lies, misinformation, and manipulation of the public via a willing mass media, is only going to exacerbate the problem. Perhaps something to the tune of being an optimist on a daily basis, but having a more realistic (call it cynical if you must) outlook over the long haul, might not be all that unwise.
Take responsibility for your family’s safety and survival. The government is NOT your friend. It never has been and never will be. It does not have the capability to protect everyone at any given moment. This is true at all levels. It doesn’t mean your local police/fire/emts don’t care. What it does mean is they can only be so many places at one time. You need to be able to take care of you and yours when the time comes. Learn how (if you don’t know already) to properly use a firearm, to include handgun, shotgun, and at least one type of rifle. Have a small library of printed material (books/magazines) that will be going with you … where ever that may be, when the final line is crossed. Have a SHTF kit worked up and stowed for immediate retrieval. Have needed medicines, if you or a family member are required to take same. A good/complete first aid kit would be a must as well. Be aware of not only local conditions (this would be for natural disasters…though if you live in an urban environment…being alert to civil unrest is never an unwise move) but of what is going on in the world at large. For example; had the attempt by the Senate and White House to allow amnesty for illegal aliens been successful, my guess is we would be at a crossroads this country hasn’t seen since the years immediately preceding the Civil War (and rightly so).
To bring this full circle. We are all human. We are all imperfect. As much as we want to “just get along” and provide for our families (and our own) future, when do we – the supposed “adults” – wake up and take action to clean up the mess which has been building up (especially within the last 70 years or so)since this country was started. When do we honestly admit to being “enablers”. Allowing our progressive “kids” to get way out of hand. And for what? So, they would eventually be quiet, go to their rooms and leave us alone? That if we just give into them “this one more time”, it would at long last be enough? It isn’t gonna happen. We of all people should know appeasement doesn’t work.
The “kids” need to be taken out to the woodshed. Programs / federal agencies need to be evaluated as to their constitutionality / need at the federal level, and either removed once and for all or “downsized” to being nothing more then a “Presidential Adviser” if nothing else.
“Of the people, by the people, for the people”, has become, “of the government, by the government, for the government”. Isn’t it long past time to return our governance back to the original owners … “We The People”? That it hasn’t been done, to any great degree, makes me wonder if we really do only have ourselves to blame.
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