Still Here, Pondering While Attending to Real Life

Well, time flies when you are dealing with real life. Sorry for lack of content over the past week or two. There have been things which needed to be done around the house, puters which needed to be either updated, moved, or purchesed (or monitors … they always go out when least expected).
We had a good friend, blogger, and fellow traveler over at the Harbor last weekend. A good time was had by all and from all accounts they enjoyed themselves as much as we did in having this all to short time together.
The house needs a new roof and so we have been experiencing the joys of getting estimates for same. I think we have pretty much decided on which company we are going with … should have the final answer on Monday.
And the oldest yard ape still in residence, starts his first year of high school in about a week. To think he is but 4 short years away from either the Marines or maybe the Navy. I remember when he was just starting grade school … it can’t have been that many years already.
As to why haven’t there been any posts (aside from the above reasons) … frankly, there hasn’t been anything really striking my rant bell.
The tragidy in Minn has been in the news and on many blogs. And though my heart goes out to the victims and their familes. Two factors most likely seem to be the primary agents. The amount of heavy equipment, building materials, debree, and traffic far exceeded the maximum weight the bridge was either designed to support or (due to age/structural integrety degrading) no longer able to support, due to a combination of age, sttuctural degradation, lack of proper maintenance. Or possible design flaw(s). My bet is age and degradation. But most folks are well aware our national roadways/bridges are in a steady state of decline. The funding for maintaining same never seems to be there in the amount(s) needed to get the jobs done, or get them done right.
The continuing political circus is shaping to be as crazy/stupid/vapid/void of any real content as it has been for at least the past 4 election cycles. Obama is fast becoming a “suit with no substance”. Edwards is a “hairpiece with no style”. And “Her Thighness” , a female version of the Titanic in search of an iceburg.
On the GOP side of the street … Rudy seems to be leading the pack with Romney behind. McCain is fast becoming an asterisk, and the second tier folks are waiting for an opening. Then there is the 800 lb gorilla in the room … Sen Thompson. Baring some sort of major stupidity from him or his camp, expect to see him be the real threat to Rudy.
Ah well, more again later. I have an idea about a major audio project if I can find the book …. more on that as I get more info. Keep safe, have a good week end, and keep your powder dry.


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