Well, I am alive and kicking (what, I don’t know, but still kicking none the less). The house has a new roof and gutters (and not a minute too soon, as the rain, she is a falling). The oldest is in his freshman year of highschool, and the youngest in homeschool mode (sixth grade). And guess who gets to be his torturer err … molder of mind mush, ie: teacher, yeap, that would be me as well.
Anyhow, things have been busy in real life, to the extent blogging has been at a min. (Did I mention, I tried to switch to a linux OS for this beast … as in partition the drive and have XP on one and a flavor of linux on the other) ? Well that was almost a done deal. But for two tiny little concerns, it would have happened.
1. Flash is all but impossible to load on a 64bit linux box (and not too much better on the 32, but workable if you are good at following directions.)
2. XP does not play nice with dual booting of the drive. This was the straw that not only broke the camels back, it took that sucker and hid it out in the desert somewhere. Ended up having to slick the drive and re-install XP (and we all know how much fun THAT is).
So, that is where my head, heart, body and soul have been the past month or so. Sorry, for being away. Plan to be here much more often, especially now that the good Senator from TN has tossed his hat in the ring at long last.
And as I feel I owe you good people something for being away, check out the next post. It seems Russ is at it again, and we are all the better for it.


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