Porking Mohammed

As has oft-times been expounded upon here, Islam along with it’s pedophile prophet Mohammed, is at best a corrupt and morally bankrupt philosophy. Though it may come close to being a corrupt and morally bankrupt religion, it falls short on a couple of levels. (More on that some other time.)
That the many countries which make up what is considered to be “Western Civilization” (or even the “Civilized World” as a whole) have allowed this cancer to take root in each and every one of them, under the guise of “religious tolerance” speaks volumes.
It clearly shows, we of the west practice what we preach, that your individual road to salvation/inner peace is your own concern and none of my business. What is sadly forgotten by most Western Nations/Cultures is the second part of that understanding. As long as you, in the practice of your faith/philosophy, do no harm to, or promote the harm of others. There might even be exception taken of this last part on an ad hoc basis (for example, many even from the pulpit, made note of our fight against the Axis during WWII. Hardly what might be considered a peaceful turn the other cheek response, but very appropriate under the circumstances.) Sadly (yet again! … what a sad sick philosophy Islam is) those who follow Mohammed the Malignant and his wanna be religion, have no real idea of the concept of, much less the proper use of tolerance. (or a sense of humor … but that’s … err actually it is very much a part of the point … never mind)
Awhile back there was a big to do about a number of cartoons poking fun at the incorrectly named “religion of peace” (Trust the mainstream media never to get their facts straight.) You would have thought Korans were being defiled/burned/shredded left and right. That effigies of Mohammed were being made and destroyed with mad abandon. There was marching in the streets, fatwahs being issued, oh the humanity!! How could this kind of sacralidge be allowed?? (One, notes the sound of many Muslim crickets churpping, while Christian icons, and holy works were/are being debased in the name of art and protest.)
Anyhow, as noted in todays illustrated bit of wisdom of Day by Day (the word “cartoon”, just doesn’t do it justice) by the wicked and witty pen of Chris Muir. Mohammed is being porked fun of, yet again. Good on ya Chris!
Though I doubt you will receive a Pulitzer for that anytime soon. Probably about the time there is a viable Islamic reformation … or the Cubs win the World Series. Which ever comes first.


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