A floating turd …

no matter how many times you flush, always tries to re-surface. You know this to be true. They refuse to exit the crapper… going quietly into the night.
So it would seem to be the case with that traitor err … decorated Navy zero … John “EFFEN” Karry(did you know he was in Viet Nam???). Just when you think this turd has finally left the commode, up to the surface he comes.
I have not a single word of kindness or support for this piece of human excrement. He violates what is good and decent about being a Naval Officer. No, I wasn’t one, but had the honor and privilege to have served with and under quite a number of dedicated, professional, personally accountable men and woman. Officers who took their oath of duty quite literally to heart. Kerry, isn’t worthy of licking their boots, and his actions past and present besmirch them all.
My blood pressure is heading north just typoing this. So to provide a brief refresher you could look at my post on Aug 5th 2004 regarding Kerry (I would link it, but the archives seem to be a bit hinky… though going back to Aug on the monthly Archives seems to work … at Snugg Harbor … not at CIA), or more importantly head over to The Patriot Post and read their take on the junior scumbag Senator from Teddy “the floater” Kennedy’s personal playground. His recent antics, have caused him to float to the surface of the political cesspool. Can we finally get it right and flush him out to the backwaters of inequity once and for all?

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