Write of the Living Fred

It would appear the Thompson staff, or perhaps the man himself, are as quick with a pen as ever. I was less then happy with some of the early on campaign shuffling and what appeared as a less then active schedule of appearances by the good Senator. Happily, this seems to be changing. A strong showing at the last political gab fest (One hates to call them debates, regardless of what the media says, they are anything but.). And now even more spunkiness on his web site. Come on Fred, we need you now more then ever.
But what of the other rivals for the GOP *crown*? Well, Huckabee is a fool in conservative clothing. Ron Paul is the libertarian version of Ross Perot. Mitt Romney is a Massachusetts version of Bush (at best), while Giuliani is the same for NY. McCain should retire now while he can still save face.
The only other people who have any merit, Tancredo and Hunter, sadly have little or no traction. Perhaps either would or should look in to becoming Thompson’s running mate? Both are young enough and would then make strong contenders for the oval office after Thompson vacates same. (Hey, ya gotta be optimistic.)


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