Thompson: At Long Last A Conservative Statesman!!

It seems Republican presidential hopeful, Fred Thompson, has begun to get his campaign into higher gear. Perhaps it was part of a plan to wait out the other guys, to see who would be putting their collective feet into their mouths first. Or to see how the (formerly) loyal opposition was going to shake out as we near the first hurdle of the primary season.
And I haven’t posted much on the political season so far precisely because of that. It’s still early. But like the Thompson campaign, I feel now is the time to toss my two cents out there. So here goes.
Giuliani: Strong on defense, charismatic (to a point), based on his handling of NYC during 9/11 there seems to be some leadership ability, certainly the ability to handle things in a crisis mode. But his domestic policy is going to be nothing short of RINO-isque. If you want to see more of what has been happening under the current administration, only more to the left, then he is your man … But not mine. Though I see him as being Thompson’s biggest obstacle in getting the GOP nod.
McCain: Also strong on defense. But his disregard of the Constitution (McCain-Feingold), past ethics concerns (alleged ties with the mob in Az/the Savings-in-Loan scandal), and his image (to some of us) as sometimes coming across as flaky, Is gonna knock him out.
Romney: His liberal style track record while Governor of Massachusetts is going to be the albatross around his neck. And though he is trying to sell himself as being a centrist … Assuming he got the nod from the GOP, the Dems will have a field day with him (the same holds true for Rudy/Mike/John/Ron).
Huckabee: Yet another Liberal/Moderate in Republican clothing. If you want another George Bush … only more strident in his religious convictions (as in using it as a club against any and all nay sayers regardless of the topic), and as easily a flip-flopper as ol’ Billy Clinton, then go for Mike. And he STILL hasn’t a clue about foreign policy. Weak at home and abroad is NOT what we need right now.
Ron Paul: It had to happen sooner or later. The GOP finally got a conservative version of Kucinich! And this fella gets all the granola votes too (that’s fruits, flakes, and nuts). He might have had at least an honest listening had his folks IMMEDIATELY gotten rid of the anti-semitic and white supremacists. Sadly, they still flock to Paul like moths to a flame. This one will burn out not soon enough.
Saving the best for last.
Fred Thompson: Strong on defense. Strong on a return to the original Republican platform of smaller (Federal) government, lower taxes, etc. Pro Israel/Life/Military. Doesn’t really want the job (not lusting for power) but will not shirk his civic duty when called upon to do so. Think Winston Churchill, with a Tennessee accent. (Yes, I think he could rise to THAT level of statesmanship.)
You need to hear what Fred has to say? Then you need go no further then to the video goodness here.
I will cover the Democratic side of the house in another post. After seeing the video from Thompson, my hopes are rising in that we may, as Constitutional loving Americans, finally get the leadership we need. Go Fred Go!!!!


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4 responses to “Thompson: At Long Last A Conservative Statesman!!

  1. I am supporting Fred..I am more of a neo libertarian
    than I am a republican (I damn shore ain’t a dim-a-crit) and Fred seems the closest to what I believe plus I do think if nominated he is electable..especially considering who the dim-a-crits are running.

  2. Guy S

    Yep, I think he is the best of the bunch if only he had more *traction*. Well, it is early in the primary season. Hopefully he will do well in SC and FL and TX.

  3. John Ryan

    The only “true conservative” is currently posting 250-1 odds of winning the white House in 2008
    Fred! is a joke

  4. And this would be whom? You care to share a name? Constructive critics are welcome…drive by comments not so.

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