The Maverick from Arizona

Senator John McCain. First, let me get this out of the way, Senator McCain was a POW, and served Honorably in the United States Navy. His service to his country is not now nor has ever been in question by me. And I flat refuse to go there. . The man is as dangerous to this country as any Democrat, and as disingenuous towards the Constitution as Mike Huckabee would be…
Taken from “State of the Union and Primary Pleasantries”

I have posted about McCain and his less then stellar actions in the past. And on my opinion(s) of the man. Being he is in the running (and currently tied for the lead in the Florida Primary) for the Republican nod for President, perhaps a look at a couple or three posts from the past would be in order. This man is not to be trusted! His only saving grace, and it is questionable as to whither or not he will stay the course, is his supposed stand on the War on Terror.

With all the war of words about the Swift Boat Vets for Truth and their ad depicting Kerry in a less than favorable light (Truth hurts don’t it Kerry). Aside from the whining and pseudo legal garbage put out by the DNC (and others for the Kerry Konvoy), one voice spoke out, which judging by his past actions isn’t too surprising at first look.
Yes, I am talking about Arizona’s own Senator John McCain.
There has been talk over the years about his checkered political past (Keating Five ring a bell?), including the election ads cure-all (that didn’t)which bitch-slaps ignores that pesky first amendment, the CFR. But, his statements concerning the ad placed by the Swifties, is not really about his being a “maverick”, or even being an independent thinker… goes deeper.
As most folks know Senator McCain was a POW during Viet Nam. There have been other sites and other comments, over the years, suggesting he got the majority of his wounds by not following procedure upon ejecting from his aircraft over the middle of Hanoi. I would humbly suggest until you have done the same, you might want to pipe down about that….ejecting from an aircraft even in optimal conditions is not failsafe….and though I have concerns about the Senator, that isn’t one of them.
He landed in the middle of ” the Western Lake” and was removed from it by one Vietnamese. Thus started his 5 1/2 year stint as a prisoner of war.
And, on his fourth day of captivity and believing he was going to die, McCain chose instead to deal with his captors. I said, “O.K., I’ll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital.”**. Even this almost failed to work, until the Vietnamese realized he was the son of a senior Naval Officer. Now, only those who have been in that part of hell experienced by POW’s of Viet Nam, would have any honest insight to what McCain was exposed to….the rest of us can imagine…based on what we have read or heard from other POW’s. Is he a turncoat to his fellows based on his own admissions in so far as he claims to have freely violated the Code of Conduct all service members are bound to? I don’t want to address that concern…indeed it is not as important as another question I do have.
Was Senator McCain broken so hard that he can never exorcise the demons his actions past and present would indicate he still faces? If he were just a small town mayor, or a little bureaucrat in a dimly lit office, that may not be much of a concern…certainly others have matters of self worth and conscience they must face constantly…But how many are US Senators….and past (and possible future) contenders for the highest office in the land?
Fact: McCain actively sought to dismiss and marginalize attempts of finding out whether there were American POWs/MIAs still alive in Viet Nam and possibly neighboring countries
Fact: After keeping his distance from Massachusetts Senator John Kerry for a number of years, obstinately due to Kerry’s well documented anti-war stance, He has been alleged to have “Made his peace” with Kerry while on a trip to Kuwait.
Fact: The very enemy which caused him physical and mental damage, became the beneficiary of his actions in bringing about more open trade as one of a number of US Senators seeking to help open relations with Viet Nam.
Fact: When fellow vets attempt to present their side of the ongoing saga that is the Kerry attempt to rewrite (Kerry’s) history of the Viet Nam war, he summarily dismisses them and calls upon the Bush administration to do the same.

The bottom line is there is more to Senator McCain then meets the eye. Based on what has appeared in print (US News and World Report, Congressional Record[s], McCain’s own statements, “The Nightingale”, etc) he is a man who seeks to put Viet Nam well behind him….even if the costs are far greater than just the personal well being and mental health of one Senator John McCain.
It is one thing to allow Kerry to dodge and weave as he puts on his “Visions of Viet Nam Heroics Pornshow ™” and attack those without credentials or affidavit’s to back up their accusations. But the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are NOT in that group Senator McCain. They have the poof, they have been there, been wounded, and seen their comrades in arms die there.
You have talked about courage. You have talked about falling short of what you would consider to be honorable conduct. You have the chance here to do what would be considered to be the honorable thing, in really listening to what the Swift Boat vets have to say. And, in doing all of what is in your power to ensure the current Commander in Chief is returned to office for another four years. We are at war Senator, and though he is not perfect, President Bush has the clarity of vision to recognize the evil we are fighting for what it is. Perhaps, in finding the courage within yourself to drop the blinders and see the truth, you will be able to eliminate some of the demons who dine on your soul daily.
“John McCain, Haunted by Demons?” August 12th, 2004 – Snugg Harbor

This was followed by this(which referred to the blockquote above):

I received more than a few comments about this post when it appeared a number of months ago. The major piece of legislation co-authored by the good Senator has been in the news and making major waves throughout the blogsphere over the past few weeks. Perhaps it is as good a time as any to take a walk down memory lane…The main point of my post still stands. Senator McCain in all good conscience needs to step down from his senate seat and retire. I have the greatest respect for the senators Naval service, and for his time spent as a POW. But, I posit his time in hell, has at the very least affected his powers of reasoning. It’s not his fault, and it may not be fair (as things in life often are) but his actions as a Senator, and the legislation he has backed or sponsored, as well as his actions as a member of the Senate fact finding committee on the issue of POWs/MIAs are questionable at best.
“Revisiting Senator McCain”- March 3rd, 2005 Snugg Harbor

And finally, there is this:

I have been following, with interest, not only the hub-bub about the BCRA and the FEC as it relates specifically to blogging and bloggers at large, but about the exploits of it’s more notable author, Senator John McCain.
Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters has been on this item and the Senator like a good hunting dog…ferreting out bits and pieces of the truth along with giving us larger swatches about one of the main players in this madness.
But I am noticing something else here.
Yes there was the Keating Five scandal, and though he came out of it with little more than a slap on the hand (and a hope that the voting public has short memories), McCain did admit he was wrong. This major incident was spun over the years as his main personal reason for the BCRA. That, there exists a possibility legislators could become corrupted by the large amounts of money out their in corporate coffers and PAC land. The average voter across the nation (assuming McCain’s ambition for power and the presidency are as strong as they ever were) could, if spun right, believe McCain has learned his lesson.
But wait you say, what about information currently being brought to light about his ties with Cablevision and their contributions to the Reform Institute. In fact looking at the cronyism prevalent at the Reform Institute, and McCain’s ties to same, if this is the actions of an active “reformer”, one might wonder when wolves became just another subspecies of chicken.
Okay, lets not look at the above. After all it’s been many years since Keating…and one can’t fault a fella from back sliding. Oops, it seems Mark R. Levin, dug up a bit more about McCain getting monies from outside sources at different times from 1989 through 2002.
So, what is the big deal here? To me it is simple, and Mr. Levin brings it to light in this fashion:

“Of course, I don’t believe the mere receipt of campaign contributions is corrupting. In fact, it’s evidence of representative government at work. The public has every right to try to influence the direction of their government. But McCain believes this activity to be corrupt, yet he took the money anyway.”

And that appears to be McCain in a nutshell….the man is a hypocrite.
This brings me back to McCain’s recent statements about the FEC and the BCRA not effecting, or having any effect on, individual bloggers. Judging on how the man is able to apparently talk reform out of one side of his mouth while feathering his campaign coffers or providing “capital” shelter for his cronies. You have got to wonder not only about John McCain’s ability to prevent the erosion of YOUR first amendment rights, but his willingness to do so as well.
March 10th, 2005 -Snugg Harbor

Is this the man you want to see as Commander-in-Chief ? He is nothing more then a liberal in GOP clothing on every issue other then (perhaps) the War on Terror. At least with Obama, you know what you are getting. Senator Obama is upfront about what he is and what he stands for. (Though I can’t see myself voting for him either. Not even close to my political stance.) But with McCain … only John and God know what is going on in that muddled mind of his. If he gets the nomination, be afraid, be very afraid.
** original link no longer exists…updated with a more current item from archives-Harbor Master


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3 responses to “The Maverick from Arizona

  1. I am not going to doubt McCain’s courage under fire nor as a POW. But I do question him on his stance on illegal immigration and his ideas of Freedom of Speech.
    I am going to try to keep from throwing up and vote for Romney tomorrow in the Florida primary…I wish Fred was still in the race.

  2. RedFalcon

    Service to one’s country does not earn anyone a pass when it comes to denying his fellow citizens the free exercise of their God-given rights.
    To the contrary, being a former serviceman makes such actions more odious and betrays a lack of honor in the man.
    Caveat McCain!

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