The State of the Union and Primary Pleasantries

Tonight President Bush gives his last “State of the Union Address”, as he heads towards his last eleven months in the Oval Office. It will be interesting to see what his framework for his twilight tour will be. One expects it will contain much verbiage regarding the current fiscal crisis, and what the “Feds” are ramping up to do about it. It would not be a surprise at all to find more information put forward on past success with the War On Terror, as well as what the President hopes to accomplish towards the (ongoing) reconstruction of Iraq, and its version of democracy. Then there is Iran, and it’s treat of becoming the regional nuclear power. All in all I suspect it will be more of a farewell address than a major litany of potential administration accomplishments.
And though there has been much President Bush has done which has caused my fists to clench and vision to turn red, in the end, regarding the singular most important event of our time, he has for the most part stayed the course. For that, I thank you Mr. President. Now begins his final chapter.
Which brings us to the real point of this post. (What? Your posts have points??!!!) The season of silliness, otherwise known as “The Primaries” ™ , is well upon us. The Democrats have seen fit to narrow down their “offerings” to three (No, not Larry, Moe, and Curly, but close!) In no particular order we have Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, who along with her husband, Bill, represent the Machiavelli branch of the party.
Then there is John Edwards, the “Hair today gone tomorrow candidate”. Although early on many thought he would have a chance to grab the nomination away from Mz Clinton, or at worst be in second place, his lackluster showings, especially in what was considered to be “his turf”, South Carolina, may have sealed his fate as a future vice president to who ever gets the Democratic nod. It could also be argued, his lack of tractions might be due to Hillary and Obama sucking up almost all the oxygen from the Democrat side of the process.
Last, but not least, is Barack Obama, junior Senator from Illinois. Young, charismatic, who more or less has been “officially” anointed as the second coming of JFK, by no less then Caroline Kennedy and Uncle Teddy. (One could be tempted to note, the Clinton camp might be more then willing to advance the Kennedy analogy with Sen Obama, to the same horrific conclusion as the original, but that would be crass and unfeeling. The Clintons are far, far above that kind of reproach…as spotless as Teddy Kennedy’s ….err driving record.) It will be a very interesting season over on the Democratic side of things.
But they are not alone.

We have the “GOP Follies” © !! Offered up for your perusal. (again, in no particular order) There is a former big city mayor. Rudy Giuliani, has seen “up close and personal” what many consider the main reason why we are fighting the War on Terror. In handling that, he has acquitted himself well. As far as his personal life, and his political stance in areas of fiscal and social programs, not so sterling a record. And as things are shaking out, he is currently considered, by most political pundits, the low man on the primary totem pole.
Next is Governor Mike Huckabee. Hope (Arkansas) may spring eternal, but it appears so far, to be rather dismal in its offerings for the office of Chief Executive. Although tauting himself as a conservative, if one takes time to look at his record while Governor, you will find he is in reality nothing more then an Arkansas version of Jimmh Carter, with about the same level of foreign policy knowledge/experience. I hope we can remember and learn from “that” Democratic mistake.
Mitt Romney comes from a political family, has himself been in politics and the private sector, and though questionable on whither or not his changes (toward a more conservative stance) on various issues, merit a closer look (as to the validity of same), seems to be the most viable candidate left on the GOP side. He is currently running neck and neck with the following individual….
Senator John McCain. First, let me get this out of the way, Senator McCain was a POW, and served Honorably in the United States Navy. His service to his country is not now nor has ever been in question by me. And I flat refuse to go there. That being said, I have posted about McCain and his less then stellar actions in the past. The man is as dangerous to this country as any Democrat, and as disingenuous towards the Constitution as Mike Huckabee would be. So it is not surprising to find he (McCain) is the media’s darling for the Republican nod. What is surprising is that he is currently tied with Mitt Romney for the lead by folks voting GOP.
And the bloodletting on the GOP side of things has begun. Media pundits from all venues have been saying things which one used to hear only from the liberal/Democratic tent. “We will come together after the GOP Convention.” “___________, is the only “Real Choice” out there” “If ___________ doesn’t receive the party’s nomination, the GOP will no longer be the party of the conservative(s)!” Whither or not any of these are true or not, only time will tell.
And now I will make my prediction as to who will carry their respective party. (Yeah, I know, that and 4 bucks will get you a cup of coffee at any Starbucks!)
For the Dems:
Senator Obama will win. Not because he is the more experienced (that would be Edwards of all people) in office, but he has the momentum and charisma the other two are sorely lacking. He also (for the moment) appears to be carrying the least amount of political baggage. Clinton (whither they publicly admit it or not) is disliked through out her party (as is her husband). And Edwards is a lightweight….whose wife, if she desired to run would probably generate higher numbers at the polls as well as a higher approval rating.
For the GOP:
Mitt Romney will win. IF and this is a big IF he is able to do it without the Convention going into a “brokered convention”. That being the case, he may still carry the day, but you could see the re-emergence of any of the others including Thompson or Hunter. I really suspect if it does get to the “Smoked Filled Room” level, you will see Giuliani come up the victor with either Thompson or Hunter as vice pres (to mollify the conservative wing).
Your mileage of course may vary!


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