At Least 12" of Global Warming Outside …

… and more forecast for the rest of the day. And after spending better then 15 hours at the polls yesterday (election judging) … Well, Misha talks about Super Tuesday Hangovers here, with voting and monitoring the ongoing results via television and radio. Try spending all that time at the polls … people, it ain’t pretty. The high point of the day was seeing a number of young people coming out and voting for the first time. They were excited and really wanted to be a part of things. I only wish there had been more of them.
We had about 40-50% turnout. And were busy for the majority of the day, despite the beginnings of a major storm starting to dump snow by around noon.
Off to go and start to shovel out the drive. Going to try and use the snowblower…but don’t know if it will be up to the task, it’s better then a foot deep now.
Wonder if we can get a pizza delivered for dinner tonight?



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2 responses to “At Least 12" of Global Warming Outside …

  1. RedFalcon

    We got about 15 inches here and it’s still coming down. Sheer bedlam outside!

  2. The Kid

    Stop your whinning, we got 2 feet of snow out here by the lake 🙂

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