The Four Jokers of the Apocalypse

If it wasn’t so serious a concern, the whole election process this time around could be viewed as nothing more then the political version of “Highlander”; “There Can Be Only One!” . Lord knows it is certainly shaping up to be a battle royal, if it ends up being between Ms Clinton and Mr. McCain. On the other hand if the (very) junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, gets his party’s nod, then all bets are off. Other then a major slip up of truly monumental proportions, there is no way in hell McCain beats Obama.
I am not in any way shape or form, a supporter of said junior Senator, but he has more personality and ability to galvanize his political base in his little finger, then McCain has in his entire (quite sizable) ego. Obama, shows signs of being able to pull in at least some of the middle of the road folks out there, and some of the RINO’s (Big slice of irony there, McCain backers.), both groups which McCain dearly needs to win the White House. Add to this the fact that traditionally the majority of Democrats will line up behind whomever is their standard bearer, once chosen, regardless how bloody the battle was to get the nomination. This is NOT the case with the GOP this time ’round.
The world is as dangerous as it ever was. Whither through design, mismanagement, or perhaps plain hubris, the current administration has no been able to address all the demands placed upon it by the War on Terror.
At the same time, the erosion of personal freedom(s) continues here at home. The Constitution has taken quite the beating while Mr. Bush was in office. The First, Fifth, and possibly Second Amendments being assaulted. Our national borders, one of the very things considered as one of the standards to which denotes some bit of land as “being a nation”, are criss-crossed with near impunity by anyone who desires to enter. We have more “undocumented aliens” here, then in the entire “director’s cut” of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. (At least the ones in the movie were just passing through.)
Of course there are also those on the other side of the aisle who seek to undo what little good the current administration has done. They also seek to send us closer to, if not directly down the same path which the EU is going down now. (along with Great Briton. may she rest in peace)
Senator McCain will NOT (The one possible exception being the War on Terror, and we only have his personal word on that … and his past record shows how little he honors his word … that he will continue the fight.) seek to change any of the above. Indeed, he will continue the big government spending and programs just like Bush and a large chunk of the GOP Senate and Congress. His track record shows, despite what he now says to the contrary, that he will fall in line with the liberal side of things more often then not. The man is only nominally a Republican, and only in his befuddled mind’s eye does he wear the mantle of *Conservative”. Need we say anything about his staunch support of the Constitution? (If you have to ask, go back to sleep, you really didn’t want your First Amendment rights any more did you?)

As it stands right now, we have a choice come this November. We can either chose the person who will allow us to continue our “Slouching Towards Gomorrah”, or we can place our fate in the hands of one who will get us there at a much quicker pace. (There is a third choice the same one Pilot chose, to wash our collective hands of the whole damn thing. Which, I suspect, will be the road followed by a large portion of those who feel they have been disenfranchised by our current process. And probably will cause them to suffer much the same fate as the Roman procurator, being forever damned of being the cause of the GOP’s demise.)
As for me, I will vote for my Senator(s), my local representative, and any other options on the ballot. But baring some unforeseen event which might change the current options being offered for President of the United States,.. well, for the first time in my 50 some odd years, that will be left blank.
Hillary Clinton is power corrupting absolutely.
Barack Obama is a liberal (and an inexperienced one at that) in charismatic clothing.
John McCain is a liberal in RINO clothing,
Mike Huckabee is a liberal in pastoral clothing.
ALL OF THEM are liars, are out only for themselves, and are dangerous to this country, it’s Constitution, and it’s people.
May God have mercy on us all.



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3 responses to “The Four Jokers of the Apocalypse

  1. RedFalcon

    Exactly the same conclusion I reached after Governor Romney dropped out of the race…I shall vote for none of them.
    I would sooner suck-start a flamethrower than to reward, with my vote, any…ANY…candidate who does not faithfully represent my interests. I hold my vote too dear for squandering in such a scurvy manner.
    Either way you vote, you are sending a message; and votes are the only messages that professional politicos heed. You can either vote for whomever your party forces down your throat and send the message that they can continue in such manner with impunity…and your vote may always be depended upon.
    Or you can refuse to accept the lamentable class of candidate proffered. With enough right thinking citizens withholding their votes, the low turnout will force the GOP to come correct and start faithfully representing our interests…or pay the price and become a footnote to history like it’s predecessor, the Whig party.
    Either way, it’s our call. Our despondancy has brought us to this crisis. We continued to vote for moderates and equivocators instead of asserting our rights by withholding our votes. Four years of Clinton or Obama may well be the price we pay for our past sloth; but if this is what will compel the GOP to get back to it’s conservative roots in the future…let us bite the bullet and serve notice now!

  2. The only good thing I see about the whole thing is the faster the country hits dead bottom the faster we might be able to start to climb out..but it may be an impossible climb to ever get the republic back.

  3. Guy, that is what worries me the most, we may not be able to climb back out again, and this great experiment in democracy, this republic, shall be lost to the ages.

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