The President Speaks

President McCain, now into his third month as “Leader of the free world”, gave the following speech as his first televised broadcast (on all major channels) to the nation last night:

… ”Given the current situation of the world today, and the treats posed by those, from both within and without, who seek to extinguish the light of democracy, I have placed the following demands, to be acted on in due haste, on my administration, both houses of Congress, and if need be – the Supreme Court.
1.Effective immediately, funds will be found to take whatever means necessary in securing our borders. This is to include the building of fortified walls and or fences and the use of surveillance equipments such as may be needed in areas where walls or fences would be impracticable. Major increases of manning levels within the border patrol shall be in effect immediately. Until such time as these numbers are reached, funds will be made available to state and local agencies (State Police/County Sheriff/National Guard) to augment their forces to meet our needs. This is to include the use of (deputized)local citizens as needed. A nation is only such if her borders are recognized and respected as the beginning and end of her peoples national identity. And all who seek to cross same, in an illegal manner, for what ever the reason or purpose, violate our customs and rule of law.
2.As the last holder of this office stated, “You are either with us or against us.” regarding our continuing fight with those who seek to end our way of life, our cherished history and customs, I say to any and all through out the world, be you a group or organization who directly acts or an agency of a state acting in the shadows … you will be eradicated. And let all followers of “the religion of submission”,in other words Islam know,that from now on, any actions in the following of their philosophy which are contrary to the laws, security, and national interests of this country will be met with such force as is necessary to contain or eliminate this as a threat to our nation.
3.I am a man. As such, I have made mistakes in my past. I am also man enough to admit when I have done so. To this end, I am requesting congress set about repealing what has commonly been referred to as “The McCain–Feingold Act ”. It has proved to not be effective in curtailing or eliminating corruption in the political process. Indeed, upon reflection, it has lessened the intent and spirit of the First Amendment. I publicly apologize for having taken part in bringing about this legislation, and hope my active voice in bringing about its demise will serve as a proper penance.
4.To voice objections to a current majorities legislative agenda in the house, senate, or administration, or suggest alternative ways of reaching what is perceived as a common goal, has been a historical cornerstone in our Republic. However, there is a vast difference between the above, and what has been said and done by a handful of individuals in our body politic. To this end, I have begun criminal investigations into the actions of a number of our elected officials, along with some who have held public office in the past. To criticize your government and her policies is one thing, to actively promote the actions of her enemies or agencies is quite another, and if found wanting, these individuals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.
Finally tonight, I have been called a “Maverick”, RINO, crackpot … the list goes ever on, and rest assured these are the only ones I can mention in a public venue. (waits for audience laughter to die down) I have been playing my cards close to my chest, simply because I felt the only sure way to this position was so to speak, to hide my light under a bushel .
Let it be known and fully understood, that I AM the President of the United States Of America, and much like the oath I took as an officer in the greatest Navy in the world, ”To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies foreign and domestic.” … is and always will be my top priority, and the greatest honor and privilege any man could ask for.
God Bless you all, and God Bless America.”

I almost fell out of my chair. It was stunning to hear such passion. To see the fire in his eyes. Was he a Churchillian Phoenix rising from the ashes of the Republican party? Was he showing the country and the world the “real John McCain”,the man his son’s believed in and admired so?
I went to grab the morning paper, to see what the spin of the (now clearly disenchanted) print media would be, and then turn on the radio to hear what Limbaugh, Levin, or even Hannity might be saying.
But I guess I’ll never know … cause right about then was when I woke up.


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