VP or Not VP, That is the question

I made mention of who would be a good vice presidential running mate for Senator McCain here. However, that man about town, McGehee, feels (and rightly so) we delegates of the GOMLP (that’s Get Off My Lawn Party for all you late comers out there *grin*.) should post our preferences at our respective sites, in order to get the conversations going, juices flowing (Ok, in light of former NY Governor Spitzer’s “flowing juices” concerns, perhaps that’s not such a good thing.), and on the off chance someone is actually reading this bit o’ fluff on the interweb, see if we can arrive at some respectable choices for VP.
Some have suggested Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin, would make a great choice and potential future presidential candidate as well. I would come back to the “continental 48”, and offer either Duncan Hunter, or former Lt Governor of Maryland, Michael S. Steele, as fine high caliber running mates. Both would represent the more conservative (and increasingly muffled) voice of the Republican party. But more to the point, speak to the views and viewpoints of the majority of Americans (despite what the lame brain … err main stream media would have you believe) in this country, particularly those in the heartland and the south.
So, what do y’all think?


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One response to “VP or Not VP, That is the question

  1. I think highly of your suggested Veeps, Guy; Hunter was widely regarded as the true, Reaganesque conservative of the several candidates, and would lend a fiscally responsible ‘air’ to the ticket, as well as his skills seen in the House during his career there. He was my candidate, but couldn’t beg for national air time in the media.
    Steele is a fine choice as well, I just don’t know enough about his record in MD., but he’s also has some high post in the RNC now (my only familiarity with the man).
    Fine choices; I hope the McCain crowd is looking in, either here in Snugg Harbor, or McGehee’s place, getting some ideas…

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