When It Comes To Snow, 6-10 Inches Is More Then Enough!

Happy first day of Spring!! Getting the light weight jackets out? The spring and summer clothes ready to jump into as you take your evening walks after a nice dinner? Perhaps even start thinking about heading to the golf course or lake? Perhaps you are just itching to start on this years version of your garden.
Well, if you are unfortunate to live here in the northern part of the Peoples Republic of Illinois. you need to back up a bit there bucky ….

“The National Weather Service forecast offices in Chicago, Davenport, and Milwaukee have issued a Winter Storm Watch for the entire WIFR viewing area beginning Thursday night and lasting through Friday evening. The only county excluded from the Winter Storm Watch at this juncture is Whiteside County.
An area of low pressure is expected to develop and pass about 75-100 miles to our south Thursday night through Friday. Snow will develop as we near the midnight hour Thursday night, and continue, heavily at times, through at least Friday afternoon.
Computer model projections still suggest that more than a half inch of water is expected to fall during this storm, which equates to 5-10 inches of snow. While 10 inches seems a bit on the high side, given the longer days, stronger sunlight, and warmer ground, it’s entirely plausible that many areas could stand to pick up as much as 6 inches from this storm, with locally higher amounts in spots.”
Source: WIFR

Yep, that’s right, MORE *&#@()#*%&&* SNOW!!! Damn it!!! I Want my global warming and I want it now Al Gore you lying asshat you!!!



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3 responses to “When It Comes To Snow, 6-10 Inches Is More Then Enough!

  1. Oh, the weather outside is Frightful..
    and the mood inside, is the same.
    Sorry bout that, Guy!
    (79°, sunny here)

  2. The weather guessers only got it half right … it *did* snow, but we ended up with barely an inch, and the roads are already dry in some spots. Still, warm weather would not be greeted with anything but hooping and hollering here!

  3. Global warming is taking a rest. ‘Tis true!

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