New Beginnings

Spring. When we are witness to natures annual rebirth. The cycle of life is shown to continue as evidenced by new buds of grass and flower, along with new young of animals large and small. It is also, if you are adherent to any of the Christian faiths, a time of spiritual rebirth as well.
Easter signifies, not only an ending (of sorts), a ransom paid to insure mans passage into a heavenly afterlife, but a new beginning as well. The law of the old testament has been superseded by that of the new.
It is considered a time of spiritual renewal/beginnings as well. This being exemplified by the recent activities of his holiness Pope Benedict XVI, baptizing into the faith Magdi Allam, deputy director of Italy’s largest newspaper,who just happens to have been Muslim. It will be interesting to see what repercussions will result from this newest planting in the garden of the faithful. That both converted and converter have displayed admirable amounts of courage in so public an act, speaks highly of both.
And not being totally without reflection, I got to thinking about what caused me to come back to the Christian faith. Though past failings, prevent me from returning “completely” to the faith of my birth, accepting there is a God, and as it follows, a son who was ransomed for us all, is not . Fact is, there were many questions I had, most beginning with “WHY”, which turned me from my faith. But some things kept calling me back. I believe in there being a reason for everything and only with the passage of time, have I begun to accept, that though this is true, I am not entitled to know what these reasons are. As is so often said to the “under 21 crowd” living under this roof, “I need to stay in my own pay-grade”.
However, once in awhile, I am privileged in gaining some bit of understanding. Something which after hearing and or reading, makes too much sense not to be of value. So in keeping with this (if somewhat belated) Easter theme, I ask you to read this. (And note, even though both the late Dr. Scott and his wife grace the top of the page, the transcript itself is in his own words, and is what he spoke about on numerous occasions during his telecasts.)
I may not have agreed with everything Dr. Scott ever said. But this has the ring of truth. Its logic is sound. Even if you don’t believe for what ever reason, perhaps if nothing else it will get you thinking. And if perchance, a seed planted, takes root and sprouts … isn’t this the time of year for that after all?


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