Campain Button or Reset Button … the choice won't be yours for long

A few years back, Robert H. Bork penned a bit of non-fiction, “Slouching Towards Gomorrah”. One of the most interesting thrusts of his book, as bought up in a review by Diane West at Public Interest, in it’s entirety here, reads as follows:

In a concise, illuminating critique, Bork explains how the Founding Fathers, in their pretensions to near-infallibility, overlooked the fallibility of human nature. That is, while granting the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all men, the Founders took for granted their own inherited moral capital – i.e., the Judeo-Christian tradition and classical thought – and made no provision for its perpetuation.

Indeed, we some twelve years after the books release, continue to bear witness to this. Look at the hoops those who are avowed statists/progressives/marxists, go through in order to get (the collective) us to become more accommodating of diversity for diversity’s sake, tolerant accepting of all “faiths”, the dumbing down/indoctrination of our future generations in the schools/colleges, and finally, (because of the above marginalizing of religions) the bowing to the State as the one supreme entity.
However, it doesn’t end here, with the hubris of so called leaders from either side of the political spectrum demanding “We The People” humbly bow down before them, excepting their view of what’s best for us. No, both sides (though perhaps arriving at it from different directions) have a much larger vision of what needs to be done. They, quite simply, are planning and perusing nothing less then the “globalization of humankind”.
It is not some conspiracy lurking in the dark shadows of some one two kings shy of a full deck. Nor the wishful thinking of an Illuminati fearing anti-mason nutjob. Noted author Jerome R Corsi’s May 19, 2006 column for Human Events gives a brief but enlightening synopsis of what has already happened, and what, most likely is to come.
This is nothing really new, President Bush’s lack of success with his (supposed) immigration reform and securing of the borders, give credence to Corsi’s work. And now there is this. Yes, the GOP candidate for president, Senator McCain, looks to be wanting to change the paint job on the ‘ol “Straight Talk Express” to “The North American Union Express.”

McCain proposed a new organization, the League of Democracies, to “harness the vast influence of more than 100 democratic nations around the world to advance our values and defend our shared interests.”
“Our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the wisdom and knowledge necessary to succeed,” the presumptive Republican nominee told the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. “We need to listen – we need to listen – to the views and respect the collective will of our democratic allies.”
Source: Foon Rhee – The Boston Globe March 27, 2008

Why stop at the new borders of the Unión Norteamericana … err … I mean, North American Union? When we can, according to John McCain, (Are we going for the “third time is a charm” thing here?) form yet another League of Nations… ahhh … United Nations … damn … “League of Democracies” … yeah, that’s the ticket!! After all we are the little kids on the block age-wise. All those Euro-pee-ans are soooo much more sophisticated and cultured then we is and all. It might be best if we just get rid of that pesky constitution once and for all. Lets get on board this one world thing. We can still have our own “nation” (note those were finger quotes around nation). But on the oft chance we happen to elect a leader that gets a bit too uppity, why the “real leaders” will be able to slap em down.
And make no mistake, tho they may be fools, these are not idiots. It will be done using the tried and true tools the libs (and their masters, the communists) have used for years . Incramentalism. First comes the various “U’s” (European. Asian. North American), eventually to be followed by one big (not so) happy Union, Federation, Republic … whatever is decided on at the time.
You believe in the constitution as written? Forgettaboutit! It will have been gutted (if not out rightly removed in toto). You believe in God? Not a problem, just don’t expect any of the moral framework we hold to be based on what has been observed of the human condition over the past couple thousand years to be of worth… and as long as YOU don’t force your moral guidelines on us, then you can keep your religion … but we will be watching.
Guns????? You MUST be kidding!!!
Education??? The best and brightest will get a shot … the rest of you … eat your alloted caloric intake, drink your happy juice, and be quick about it! Your shift starts in 15 minutes.
America? “I remember gramps talking about that ONCE … just before he went to “the home”.
As for the here and now. We don’t have the options the founding fathers (and a generation or so afterward) had. There is no place else to head off to … to start over. We have only two choices.
Drink the kool-ade, while mentally and physically masturbating our freedoms away, and of course enjoy the ride.
Hit the reset button.
I am ready for the button. What say you??



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4 responses to “Campain Button or Reset Button … the choice won't be yours for long

  1. Nailed it in one, Guy. If it weren’t so true, it wouldn’t be so scary.

  2. Thank you for stopping by!
    This was rather hard to write. I alternated between tears (of frustration/sadness-for what has been lost/anger), and out and out anger/rage. Are we all so blind or ignorant not to see what is taking place before our very eyes? I fear for our (my) children, and their children. It will be vastly different 50-100 years from now, and I am not talking about scientific advancements, the barbarians are not banging on the gate, they exist in our very midst as well.
    Oh, and I added you to the ranks on the left side of the page. Welcome aboard!

  3. Preparations completed, sir. Now to solve the age-old soldier’s/sailor’s conundrum: how to stay sharp and prepared while having no action to engage in.
    Your thoughts? Please don’t suggest postal matches, I’ve finally sickened of them being designed by one guy for his weapon only, and they are not a representative test for anything, so I won’t shoot them anymore. I have my own preparatory range work that I do.

  4. Riverdog, My best guess (and for the moment guessing is what I am best at) is keep your lines of external communications open. (Not that the MSM can even remotely be counted on to give anything approaching the truth, but if one reads between the lines … well, with a little luck, there should be more then enough time to get ones affairs in order.) Do what you have so often stated (as have others). Get that SHTF kit(s) ready and stowed/prepositioned. Know (if practical/possible who your friends are and if at some point banding together, in some way or another is practicable, then plan on doing so.
    Keep “training” at a relaxed pace so as not to burn yourself out so to speak, but to allow for a “stepped up honing” when it appears the balloon might be going up with in say a month or so.
    You (I am more then sure) have not only been a student of military science, but have participated in enough to know keeping any troops on a razors edge for too long is counter productive.
    However, I am also thinking (again, despite all the best efforts of our *cough* media *cough* to the contrary) that something which has been damning us on the conservative/constitutional side, is doing the same on the left. And that is “they are just as comfortable” as we are. And are loath to be rid of same. So, unless some spark sets off things, I fear we will “Saunter with great speed” towards our inevitable demise (that pesky ncrementalism again).
    Hope I was able to address what you were asking about. As always, keep your powder dry, and your friends close (and enemies closer).

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