Truth in Advertizing …

… is a good thing to have. And is in (very) short supply regardless of which political side of the fence you are on. But in an effort to help a terrorist loving, race baiting, piss-poor excuse for a human being … err “fellow Illinoisan who wants to do good on a massive scale, by implementing change” ™ , I have developed a straight forward no holds barred campaign button.

His middle name is Hussein

Yes, that is a mushroom cloud. And yes, I am willing to bet if Obama-lama-dingdong gets the Presidential nod, there will be one or more of those in our future. Though not the change I think he has in mind, it will be major change indeed.
H/T to both the amazing SondraK and the always engaging commentary and photo work provided by “Rodger, the Real King of France” for their posting about and pointing me to this bit of logo fun.

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