"Wrigley to be sold to Mars for $23 billion"

Well, they said it couldn’t be done … but the word is out Wrigley is going to Mars!! Yes, it was thought the “friendly confines” would be sold to someone who would perhaps update the park a bit, or worst case scenario, bring in the wrecking ball and start anew. But take it (and one would assume the surprisingly strong Cubs as well) to the fourth planet from the sun? Sheesh, we finally have a chance at getting to the World Series, and it takes aliens or the God of War (the tribune headline wasn’t clear which “Mars”) to prevent the long suffering Northsiders from getting a pennant. However, knowing the way the Cubs have a knack of “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”, one wonders if, after reading the above, it would be typically followed by “Well, we’ll have to find a way to get them back for next season … there’s always next year!!”
Yes, my tongue was firmly planted in cheek. Though the Headline for this article (as it appears in total, on top of this post as well) at first blush, could appear to be describing the venerable home of the Cubbies. In fact it is referring to the Wrigley Co. home of “Wrigley’s Spearmint”, “Juicyfruit”, “Doublemint”, and “Big Red” gums.
Although William Wrigley Jr, states Wrigley gum will not be lost in the shuffle, nor will they be moving out of the Chicagoland area. Indeed, there appears to be a very good chance more jobs will be added as parts of the Mars candy company will be produced alongside the world famous Wrigley gum. Still, it is kinda sad to see another Chicagoland icon absorbed into a larger corporate (and even larger icon) entity.
Here is the Chicago Trib’s article on same. Or here , in case the Tribune article requires a subscription.



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4 responses to “"Wrigley to be sold to Mars for $23 billion"

  1. Good news or bad? I do like me a Milky Way, but Wrigley’s Spearmint got me through college (and 2 jobs — I was tired and chewing helped!)

  2. Very sincerely, I hope that ‘The Friendly Confines’ are never triffled with- Wrigley Field is a national treasure, a tribute and a wonderful journey to a spendid, bygone era.
    God Bless the Cubbies! And uh, their fans…!
    It’s too bad they’ve been mathmatically elimanated, so early this year. (Go Cards!)

  3. Jay

    Still one of the classic places to watch a game, including Fenway, but it’s become apparent that tradition means nothing when it comes to luxury boxes and income. Hell, last time I went to Wrigley, we decided to get tickets on game day (against the Reds, but the “’70s” Reds who were, you might remember, pretty good) and ended up behind one of the posts. So the hell what? Move your head a little and do what the locals did, at it was COOL! Hate to see that fade into the corporate bottom line.
    Let’s face it, like them or not, Yankee Stadium is a shrine to the game, just like Wrigley, at least it will be until the end of this season…

  4. Guy S

    Yes, a trip to the friendly confines is always a treat. There has been talk that the state is going to pick up the option for the venerable home of the Cubbies, and would be one of the few times in recent memory I could get behind the state spending any of my money. There was also talk about Dallas billionaire Cuban, buying the team and their historical home. That would be awesome, as I like what I have seen regarding his enthusiasm towards the sport, and specifically the Cubs. Oh well, we shall see what happens after this season.

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