Oils Well That Ends Well

With gas nearing the four dollar a gallon mark, here in the hinterlands of Illinois, a small cul-du-sac off the main drag in the bitter heartland of this great nation, kinda thought it time to get a few thoughts together regarding same, so here goes.
But first, a joke:

There was an old man sitting on his porch listening to his radio while watching the rain fall. Over the radio came a loud warning siren and the announcer said … “Evacuate the area! A Flood is coming!” Right after the warning the water started coming over the porch and into the house.
The old man moved to the second floor looking out the window, when a rescue boat came and the people on board said,”You can’t stay here the flood is here!” Please come with us.”
The old man replied, “No, God will save me.” So the boat left. A little while later the water was up to the second floor, so the man climbed up onto the roof. This time a helicopter flew over head and through a loud speaker said “You are going to drown if you stay here! Please come with us!”
The old man again replied,”God will save me.” So they flew off to get others stranded.
An hour later the water was up over the roof and sweeps the man into the flooding water, where he drowns and goes to heaven. When he awakens, he is extremely mad and disappointed. When he sees God he asks him, “Why didn’t you save me?”
God replied, “You arrogant man! I sent you a warning, then a boat, then a helicopter!! Yet you willingly refused my help so obviously offered, then have the gall to say I ignored your pleas.”

There are ever increasing demands placed on our countries need for all types of energy. The nations industries need for (natural) resources to produce products for other companies and the general public. And an ever increasing desire to become truly independent of foreign sources.
The increase in power to meet the needs of families as they find more ways to improve their lifestyle with bigger televisions/entertainment systems/computers. More labor saving devices, larger refrigerators, deep freezers for the bulk buying from Costco, Sam’s Club, or even buying meat/poultry in bulk from the local butcher (thus getting it at a cheaper per pound rate). Lawn and garden equipment to keep the homestead looking sharp. Then there is the cost of keeping the family wheels on the road.
Keeping our industrial engine running (with power) and, as noted above, resources to produce the products we need and want. Cheap enough energy (read fuel) to transport produce, products, and people from points “A” to points “B”.
There has been a mad and not very well thought out rush to turn to bio-fuels as, if not “the answer”, an answer to at least part of this concern. Sadly, it is now being realized this is at the very least a short sighted foolish “solution”. The physical demands, land requirements, resulting drastic changes in commodity prices, threaten to not only weaken an already shaky economy, but will end up causing more instability in parts of the world which can ill afford it, due to people already lacking for the minimal basics in foodstuffs seeing the trickle offered now to come to a complete stop.
Add to this, the dirty little secret that bio-fuel is in the end no more friendly to the environment, due to energy(s) used in the manufacture of same, as well as the waste produced, and in the loss of efficiency in mpg (meaning more will be needed to meet the same miles driven by good ol regular gas), as to make it a loss all the way ’round.
But what are we to do cry the people?
Returning to the “joke” at the beginning of this post. We have been given the answer (at least for the next 100-500 years). That we have through our arrogance refused to take advantage of it, means we only have ourselves to blame for where we are now.
Yes, the progressives/liberals/tree huggers actions, along with the media doing their thing to muddy the waters (and sell papers and air time at the best prices possible), are instrumental in why we are where we are. But we of the more conservative/adult/responsible side of the street are at fault as well.
Folks, we are enablers! When we should have told the kids to shut up and leave the management of our energy needs to the adults. Instead, we gave in to their cries of “nuclear power is evil” (cause it might go “melty” or “boom”). So we gave up on that by regulating it to the point of near extinction.
Then there was the move to remove the poisons exiting the exhausts of the hundreds of thousands of happy motorists in this country. First is was lead. Then, lead by the eco-wienies out in la la land … err California, a new environment friendly fad came to the fore. Cafe blends. Yes, now we had to have different blends of petrol for not only different times of the year (winter and summer) but for different areas of the country as well. The fly in this ointment was at the same time as these demands were being placed in effect, there were fewer and fewer refineries to produce same. Thus, the cost for production went up as demand began to exceed production. (And of course the evil oil companies were prevented from economically building new refineries, that would not be environmentally friendly …. or should that be in a more politically incorrect (but far more honest light) manner, stated as “Yes, we sure do need more refineries, preferably built close to the raw material (oil), but not in my back yard!!”
Last but not least there was the push to prevent new drilling for oil. Wither it was on land, or off shore, it was deemed verboten. Every reason in the environmental bible was given, from harming plant and animal life, to raping Mother Gia. And we, gave in.
We, like the fictional pastor above, have asked for help. To be delivered from our energy dependent bonds.
And our prayers have been answered in more way then one.
People, the water is up to our necks. We have been tossed a life preserver. Let us take hold and use what has been given to the best of our abilities. Lest we face our own final judgment, as our civilization crumbles upon the dust heap of history. And when, in some future time and place the truth is unearthed, that we in fact had the means to continue on, but willfully chose to ignore what was given. Said “Thanks , but no thanks.” Then we will be judged, much like the fictional old man as being arrogant willful fools, most deserving of our fate.



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2 responses to “Oils Well That Ends Well

  1. My fault? My one little verse caused all that? Gee. 😉
    I think you’re right here. Especially the “civilization crumbles upon the dust heap of history” part. Nice post.

  2. Came by today Guy to thank you sir, for your service to our country in our Navy. My best regards to you!
    When you wrote this post, the price of a gallon of reg. unleaded was probably around $3.20 or so.
    In a month, we will fondly look back at $3.50/g being cheap.
    Can you imagine it? And you are very correct, when conservatives had the congressional advantage, we sat on our thumbs rather than issue some exploration licenses.
    We’re getting what we asked for in leadership.

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