Spring Has Spung … The Muse is Snoozing

It has been slow round these parts. The winter of our discontent has (finally) past, and spring is firmly entrenched. The Cubs appear to have started their yearly slide into the middle part of the division, after perhaps their best start in the last 50 years. This either proves male Chicagoland baseball fans (of the northsiders) are hopeless romantics/optimists … or that we are in the end forever branded as someone who succumbs to “Cub-teasers”. Well, the season is still young, and if they bounce back anything is possible. *sigh*.
More to follow, as I gather what little wits I have, and a few stray thoughts.


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One response to “Spring Has Spung … The Muse is Snoozing

  1. Today, 25 May, 2008, the Cubs and Cards are tied for 1st place… No swoon yet in those Cubs!
    But have you also noticed something missing this year, Guy? Usually by this time, there is at least one Cub game at Wrigley which ends up 18-16 or some crazy score. Not yet this year.
    Chicago still has the best pitching in the division, remember that.

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