The Last Gasp Of The American Experiment … Or Not.

We stand to loose everything this election cycle. If (and it is NOT a very big *if*) Obama wins, this country, as envisioned/created by the founding fathers, is finished. What the radical islamic (I refuse to capitalize a pseudo-religion. One which was started by a pedophile … who if he was visited by Gabriel and given the word of god … surly corrupted it to meet his own needs and ends. And if not, well … then he was quite the angry snake oil salesman wasn’t he. But I digress.) terrorists and their sponsors couldn’t accomplish with planes, bombs, and bullets, will be well on their way to achieving with the ballot box … an end to “The Great Satan”, the greatest representative republic to ever grace this planet. (And yes, though he may not be a Muslim, Obama is pro islam make no mistake about that.)
We will be facing a combination of socialism (read that as EU style government), liberal fascism, or quite possibly outright communism. You may also add Shara law to any of the above for the most bitter/ironic of uncivilized flavoring.
I didn’t think such a thing would be possible in my lifetime. The progressives and other agitators followed their policy of advancing their agenda(s) by incramentalism. They (mis)used the courts and judicial system to circumvent the legislative and executive branches (of all levels) of government. Raping our “rule of law” to meet their agenda(s) at any and all cost. Those who would see this Representative Republic fall are on the brink of achieving exactly that.
We, as “the adults”, those who would take the necessary steps to ensure the above will not come to pass, have very few choices left. And of the choices available, there is only one which gives us any sort of chance to correct the mistakes, “we”, the adults have either made ourselves, or which the children (masquerading as adults) make in our stead. They are as follows:

1. Get out and vote Nov 4th.
And like it or not, vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. Yes, the man has his faults, and they are many. But to allow the country to fall into the hands of Barack “he whose middle name shall not be named” Obama, and his unrepentant domestic terrorist-American hating-anti Semite-pro islamic band of thugs (and this is just talking about his wife and close friends/advisers), is to give this country and more importantly our Constitution, the kiss of death.
2. Hit “The Reset Button” .
Although it may feel very good in wanting to take some sort of concrete action against the long list of groups and individuals who have debased this country’s laws, customs, and ideals, the resulting blood bath (and make no mistake, blood bath there will be) would be horrific. It will make the Civil War look like a tea party in comparison. Indeed, I am not alone in this belief. The good Mrs. DuToit espouses on this very point here, and I know there was another post regarding this same topic, but dag nab it, I can’t seem to find it. (In any case, stop by her spot on the web, and “The Baron’s” site as well. For in less then 45 days they will be bidding the blogging world farewell, as they head, hand in hand, toward what ever new adventures life brings their way.)
3. Drink the Kool-Ade.
Go ahead, give in. Everybody else is doing it (or so the media would have you believe). Why young and old alike are kneeling at the alter of “Smoke and Mirrors” …. oops, I mean “Hope and Change”. Never mind the fact(s) of who “The Messiah” really is still have not been adequately vetted. (Was he born in Hawaii? Was his mother old enough by the legal statutes of that time for him to be an American citizen? What was his gpa for Columbia? For Harvard Law School? What social/political ties did he have up to and including present day ties? … Btw, see the previous post below to follow this train of thought.) You say you (dare to) question his “bona fades”? You must either be misguided or a racist (or both). Just drink deep … shut up …. and vote for the one who will truly God Damn … err BLESS … yeah that’s the ticket … BLESS America. (Psssst, hey bud, wanna buy a bridge???)
The second and third choice above will both bring about tragic ends to this country. Make no mistake about it. I could have provided references. They are out there. Legitimate ones, not freepers, not wikpedia. There is work being done every day to try and validate and or verify what is only being whispered about (if that) at traditional media outlets (both the print and electronic media). Obama is nothing more then a 21st century Wizard of Oz. His strings are being pulled by others with agendas and goals he has either bought into (in order to achieve his goal of the oval office), or ones he has always believed in. Any way you read him … WE Lose!
Which brings us back to choice number one. It may be the lesser of two evils. It may stink to the highest of heavens. We may have to deal with a host of problems and a ton of challenges, which, given a choice, we would much rather
never have to deal with in the first place. But there is a better then average chance after four years of John McCain we will still have something with which to fight the good fight with. That after four years others may answer the call who will be much more in tune with the core values and ideals of the Republican party of old. (You remember those don’t you? Smaller-less intrusive government, lower taxes, a strong defense, secure borders, original interpretation of our Constitution … yeah THAT GOP.)
Like it or not. This is the only choice “real adults” have. Please remember this come November 4th. If you give in to the “truth” the media and political pundits are spewing … crying “all is lost” “The Melanin Jimmy Carter” has it already in the bag’ …
Come the morning of November 5th … it well and truly will be.



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6 responses to “The Last Gasp Of The American Experiment … Or Not.

  1. I hope enough take choice # one but I fear that # two is on the way. There are just too many of us who would rather die free men than live under socialist/communist rule..

  2. Piss off the media: make Sarah Palin VP.

  3. Guy

    And that is what makes it so terrifically hard. Assuming BHO gets the oval office, we are literally damned if we do or damned if we don’t IRT “the reset option”. This country will effectively be only a shell of its former self one way or the other. And that is the best case scenario if we press the reset button. Don’t misunderstand me, if push comes to shove, I would rather die a free man, standing up for the oath I took so many times over the past 30 years. But it won’t change the fact(s). Once we go down that road, this country (and quite possibly the rest of the world) will bleed like never before. As I firmly believe our enemies will strike if BHO wins, so do I think they will do so if they perceive us to be weakened by an internal conflict such as “the reset”. We will likely be facing some of the greatest challenges since the inception of this great nation, starting in the next year or so. May God help us all.

  4. I did the early voting thing yesterday..the toughest ballot I have ever marked. I gagged as I voted for McCain because he is the best option. But even if he wins the republic that I knew and fought for is finished and probably never to rise again in my lifetime.
    But one thing sticks in my mind…the Roman republic fell but Rome did not. Rome under the dictators (Emperors) became stronger than ever when it finally fell it crumbled from within just as did the Roman Republic.
    I reckon that if history shows us much it shows us that NO country remains the same for long on the chart of human events. The Republic of the USA has had a long and successful run..the longest run of freedom in history. But it may be the nature of the human psyche that least the majority of humans..don’t rally want freedom..they will choose what they perceive as security over the right to be free.
    But what these type of people can’t understand is that a man in chains can be free if his mind is free…however the communists/socialists do understand that and that is why they try to enslave our thinking. In fact I am one who believes that they have already enslaved the thoughts of too many of our young. In days of yon we called in brainwashing..
    But in any event at my age it probably would not make much difference who rules…except that I refuse to go down without a fight.

  5. Guy

    I have to agree. They no longer teach what used to be called a “civics course” in (high)school. Yes, there is the ever popular “Social Science (?) Survey” offering, but it strays further and further from what ever its original intent was, becoming a foundation for the politically correct thinking dumped on kids at the college level.
    Better kids should be taught the basics, and given the tools in which to understand what their government is about and what their rights and responsibilities are regarding same. And add a debate class as well (wonder how many even know what “Roberts Rules of Order” are, let alone how to follow same).

  6. Guy, I am a history and political science teacher by education but I refused to teach the canned lesson plans required by the places that wanted to hire me…plus the fact that I thought I was worth a lot more than they did…and I was right.
    Our public K-12 is more of a baby sitting service and a place to provide free meals than it is an educational system. The surprise to me is not that some fifty percent who enter the system fail to graduate from high is that there are those who do with enough education to be able to make it in college!

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