Obma Questions

Visiting “Curmudgeonly & Skeptical”, “Rodger, the Real King of France”‘s home on the web, is almost always a joy. Today was no exception. Indeed, he posts on the further exploits of “The Melanin Jimmy Carter”, specifically his lack of being vetted by the media, and the attempts by Philip J. Berg to have the “Hope & Change fairy of the Senate” produce proof of his being qualified for the office of the President.
Rodger suggests we should write our local print media and perhaps (with odds much like those of winning the lottery … but still worth a shot – ed) they will print ones letter(s) in their op-ed pages. I must have been on a sugar high or some such, for I took up his gauntlet and sent the following to our local daily, “The Rockford Register Star”.
Feel free to look up your local paper here if you feel so inclined to do so, after reading this.
My letter is as follows:

When an average American, in asking Senator Obama a question about his proposed taxation policies, is vetted with a vengeance by the media shortly thereafter, one wonders why the same “due diligence wasn’t afforded to the Democratic presidential nominee himself.
It is perhaps not too surprising, given the majority of major media outlets tend to lean to the left in their presentation/coverage of candidates, and political news in general. And to be sure, as in almost all national elections there are, on both sides, whispered words of alleged misdeeds, improprieties, and potential scandals hidden. Rumors flow with mad abandon.
When a highly ranked Democrat, and former deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Philip J. Berg, comes forward with questions, which he feels should have been (properly) addressed by the media in their guise of “governmental watchdogs”, yet remain to be satisfactorily dealt with, we reach a level of legitimacy beyond mere rumor or innuendo, which can no longer be “conveniently” ignored.
Mr. Berg filed suit in U.S. District Court in August, alleging Obama is not a natural-born citizen and is thus ineligible to serve as president of the United States. Though Obama has posted an image of a Hawaii birth certificate online, (and said certificate has been suspected of being something less then legitimate) Berg demands that the court verify the original document, which the Obama campaign has not provided. His suit was numerous other demands for original documentation. Documentation which has not been forthcoming from the Senator’s campaign or the Senator himself.
The as of the latest information to date, Mr. Berg claims to have in his possession an audio file of the Senator’s Kenyan Grandmother, stating her grandson was, in fact, born in Kenya. Berg states he will release this audio within the next few days.
Assuming this latest is true, other questions should be asked. If the Senator is in fact Kenyan by birth, and has never formally sworn allegiance to this country (by way of legal naturalization processes), then by state law he could not have legally held his Illinois State Senate seat. More over, he could not have been a US Senator. In short, is he an illegal alien?
Now, lets put the citizenship concern aside for a moment. What about his political record? Has any major news agency (print or media) listed Obama’s voting record? His (total) sponsorship of bills (at either the state or federal level)? His college grades (they did so with President Bush, and Al Gore, and Senator Kerry)? Have they looked into where he got his monies for college? For his state and federal Senate campaigns?
As we reach the final days before electing the next occupant of the oval office, civic duty, regardless of party affiliation, requires each of us to demand (much as Mr. Berg has) that “we the people” are fully informed as to the candidates meeting Constitutional qualifications (at the very least). Even at this late date, is it to much to ask the “guardians of our rights”, “a free press” to provide same?


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