Murtha IS a *FLB and …

Normally don’t talk about folks running for Congressional or Senate seats outside of the People’s Republic of Illinois. But in this case I’ll make an exception.
There is a battle for Western Pennsylvania’s Congressional District. The incumbent, John Murtha, who has been in the news more then once, coming across with something far less then positive toward either his constituents or on other occasions, his comrades in arms, members of the United States Marines.
Well, it would appear the Marines are not taking his actions and or words lightly. Indeed, at least one former Marine has spoken publicly, calling Murtha a “*fat little bastard”.
One final note on this piece of scum …
Talking with a number of friends, some of whom are retired Marines, the following important distinction was made. All Marines, wither retired or finishing one or more enlistments and returning to civilian live, are “Former Marines”. There are NO “Ex-Marines” … with two exceptions … Lee Harvey Oswald, and John Murtha.
I think that says it all.


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