Happy Days Are Here Again??

Well, it would seem the public has spoken. (Yes, I know there is the manipulated votes, the agenda driven media, and more which may have tilted the election. But let’s put that aside. Realistically with no “power” to bring about any formal investigations that will produce positive results, all of that is best left for future historians to unearth. It won’t happen on our watch.)
To the President-elect: Congratulations and good luck. You (or your handlers) correctly read the mood of a large enough chunk of the country. Your ability to win the hearts and minds of those you needed to get you to the office of the President, if nothing else, was masterfully done. Judging from your track record (at least that part of it we are able to see) this has been your goal since at least your Harvard Law School days.
Now don’t get me wrong, I despise most everything Senator Obama stands for. Hell, generally anything exiting his mouth is suspect from the get go. But, unlike those on the other side of the political street, I refuse to stoop to the juvenile name calling and such, now he has made it to office. Don’t like it done to President Bush, same standards should apply to Obama.
That being said, I would give most everything I own, if I had the control of a major metro newspaper chain. You see we have taken a 77 year leap back into the past. This is not 2009 it is 1933. President-elect Obama will be this generations FDR. (That he will, most likely, be this generations Jimmy Carter as well, will be conveniently ignored by the media.) This re-emergence of FDR calls for balance. We need, and I would humbly apply for the position of “Col. McCormick” Owner/Publisher of the once great conservative beacon, “The Chicago Tribune” (Yeah, I know … it isn’t even close to what the Col. published or envisioned … and more’s the pity.) We need a strong media presence to counter (hell, just to monitor) the flow of fecal change which will shortly be streaming out of Washington. Some how I don’t see Fox news being able to handle that task.
We shall see. Dusting my crystal ball off for the next post. One thing for sure the next 2 to 4 years are going to be anything but dull.
The country is in shaky economic straights, it has elected an extremely leftist leaning incoming President, one who envisions making mass social-economic changes. Yep, 1933 … “Happy Days Are Here Again” … NOT!



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3 responses to “Happy Days Are Here Again??

  1. Thank you sir! Hope you and yours are doing well down there south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and give GuyK a howdy from me next time you see him.

  2. it ain’t gonna get better before it gets a hell of a lot worse. The irony is that under Bush and the Rinos (damn..sounds like the band of punk rockers..wait it is) the Dow was going sky high…and then the dim-a-crits acted like they wuz gonna get elected..the economy crashed..wonder why? Huh? I suspect that those who had some money in the market got it out in a hurry and those who had it in banks here took a trip offshore to the Caymans

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