Feelings … Nothing More Then … Feelings

Back around 1975 things were different. You had men and women serving side by side in our little world of the Navy (intermediate level maintenance in aviation avionics) not a perfect world, but one that for the most part worked. We were men and women working together and though there were hiccups from time to time, for the most part we were Sailors first while on duty or at work, the job took priority to gender issues.
Most of the females took personal pride (at least the ones I knew) at being accepted as Sailors and as part of our “team”. They did their job(s) as well as any man (oft times better then most). and on the off hours partied just as hard. To be sure situations did crop up from time to time which required someone “older and wiser” then our mostly 20 something group, to figure out or resolve. But we were expected to handle things at the lowest level possible. And we were fortunate enough to have some senior enlisted folks with their stuff in one sock. (Plus the Division Officer was a Warrant Officer, vice a junior officer who may still be wet behind the ears.)
Sadly, only a few short years later, we fell pray to (and would continue being exposed to time and again through out the remainder of my Navy career) that odious beast which the great Bill Whittle renders asunder here.
The Sexual Harassment Lecture. Or more importantly, as it should be titled, “The Relinquishing Of Adult Responsibility(s) & Consequence(s) For The Betterment Of All Humankind” ™ (or if you must, TROARCFTBOAH).

“It is not the intent of the alleged harasser, but the impact on the recipient.
It doesn’t matter if you meant to hurt someone. As long as someone was hurt, then harassment took place. … “

Lord almighty, I can’t remember the number of times that bit of patented bs was flung at us. And each time it happened a little more of ones self … died. Please, if you haven’t done so already, go back and read the whole thing, especially the last two paragraphs.
Yeah, I remember those “Mandatory Training Sessions”. I also seem to recall starting with the first one (It could be argued it goes back even further to the days of the infamous “Z Grams”.) that is when we stopped being a Navy of Sailors and “evolved” into a group of men and women at sea (and ashore) who happen to be in the Navy. I liked it better when we were just Sailors, and by extension, expected to be accountable for our actions as the adults we were supposed to be.



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2 responses to “Feelings … Nothing More Then … Feelings

  1. Kinda of off base with this comment, but I just thought I would mention that the ‘side bar’ on the left of your blog page makes it impossible to read all of your postings, as it blocks out a good portion of what you write on the left-hand side.

  2. Vulcanrider

    Ya know, we did the same thing in the Air Force, and it was freakin’ disgusting. Had some ladies in the maintenance world with me that were better than the guys, and some that wouldn’t hit a lick at a snake, but were there due to some misdirected form of “equality”. And heaven forbid you should question or criticize one of them, then you were “harassing”. And there was NO WAY any of them could go on all the deployments the men did, it just wasn’t “right”.
    And things haven’t changed, I’m still in the business even though not on active duty, and it’s still the same old BS, just more accepted…

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