McCain Thinks the RNC are meanies!

RNC Blaggo commercial. McCain doesn’t like it.

Personally, I don’t see what all the hubbub is about.
Con-artist … err scammer … ahh, the Democratic “Frankenstein’s Monster” (or is that Feinstein’s??) , clapped together from parts of FDR, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, with (more then) a dash of Clinton, says HE has not talked with Illinois next Governor to be incarcerated, Rod “I never saw a c-note I didn’t like” Blagojevich. Of course Obama is telling the truth *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*. And to prove it watch as yet another sacrificial lamb is tossed under the bus. In this case, my money is on Rahm Emanuel.
That John “Why can’t we just get along” McCain, has issues with the above video (and I would suspect all the other RINO’s do as well), speaks as much to his loss in the last election as anything. We are tired of the tried and failed practice of reaching across the aisle in the spirit of harmony, only to end up being bitch slapped.
Just once it would be nice to see someone with an *R* (or an *I*) “reach across the aisle” … with a closed fist, and send a few Democratic teeth toward the Congressional or Senate floor, like so many chiclets. Followed by a hearty “Bi-partisan *this* bitch!!” (Yeah, I have an active fantasy life … your point is??)
Oh well, it could be worse. Imagine, if you will, what might have happened had Madam Hillary been the presidential lady in waiting. She tends to take “tossing someone under the bus” literally, rather then figuratively.
(h/t to Eric at “BitsBlog”)



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3 responses to “McCain Thinks the RNC are meanies!

  1. Personally,I don’t know why McCain just doesn’t switch parties. He is no more a Republican then I am a Martian.
    The way he campaigned was a total disgrace, he campaigned like he didn’t want to win. Gov. Palin had more fire then McCain.

  2. The left wing is socialist and the socialist hand book says when you see a weakness exploit hell out of it..McCain may be one of the good guys..but for some reason he doesn’t understand that if one turns the other cheek for the democrats they will bitch slap you on the other…Poppa Bush found out about it when they shoved his “Read my lips” up his butt and conned the voters into electing the Clintons

  3. Both you gentlemen make valid points. I also have (had) issues with Senator McCain (some of which directly involve family). Though I feel his record of military service is above reproach, his political life and actions are far less then sterling. And his seemingly out and out appeasement toward progressives and their agenda(s) I find to be in stark contrast to any military experience/bearing the man has.

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