Shopping, Snow, and Slaving away.

I want to apologize for the lack of posting. Between doing my personal best in helping support the economy, along with dealing with the constant influx (with 11 inches or more due tonight/tomorrow) of “frozen global warming crystals ™ “, and my removing same from sidewalk and drive, and we must not forget meeting the demands of ones employer.
Well, posting has been sporadic at best. With luck there will be a couple of posts up tonight.
A couple of quick notes/food for thought.
1. Drew Peterson is engaged to be married?? AGAIN??!!! At least the girl’s father seems to have his head on straight. And might want to trade in the caddy for a Hummer (better to break through the front of the house).
2. Hell freezing over?? Five will get you Ten that Global Warming is not a popular subject in Vegas right about now.


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One response to “Shopping, Snow, and Slaving away.

  1. Welcome to the snow club. So far we have had 6 inches of global warming in two and a half hours, and they think we will get another 3 inches by tomorrow morning.
    It is hard to believe that any woman would be dumb enough to marry Drew Peterson. No, I take that back, it isn’t hard to believe.
    Marry Christmas my friend.

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